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The Race Race

The USA election is upon us all, there is no escape no matter where you live. Fortunatley here in Australia Chris and Craig are following the final days of the American Election. If you haven’t been listening to the Race Race, do yourself a favour and tune in to JJJ 5pm weekdays, or else download the podcasts.


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Ahh, this is the life

Sitting on the balcony, glass of Rose, some snacks, listening to Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions Vol 10, catching up on reading all the blogs in my RSS feed. So if you are 1of the 50 blogs I try and keep up with consider yourself read today.

Went for a 5km fun run this morning with funds raised going towards the Breast Cancer Institute for research (over $85,000 raised from the 3,380 runners/walkers, plus AVON donated $500,000). I’ve never seen so much pink in my life.

It’s been a beautiful warm sunny day, but it’s now starting to cloud over, I guess a storm is on the way.

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Atheist Bus Campaign

The British Humanist Society launched a campaign to raise money for the Atheist Bus Campaign. The campaign aimed to raise £5,500 to run 30 buses across the capital (London) for four weeks with the slogan:

“There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

So far they have raised over 100,000 pounds! It looks like a lot of those donations are 5 or 10 pounds so that’s quite  a few people getting involved. Great to see.

Even the Just Giving site which is hosting the fund raising is amazed how fast the donations came flooding in.

I meant to post this a few days ago after reading about it on The Atheist Blogger‘s site, so Hat Tip to Adrian.

Yikes 2 posts in 1 day  😆

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Our Famiy Tree

Catalyst had an interesting segment this week titled The Ultimate Mammal Family Tree, you can watch the video, read the transcript and download the family tree diagram. Worth watching, I think it’s quite a unique way to represent the evolution of the species, when you see the time scale represented like this it’s not hard to see how it happened.

Note to Thump Thump Eyes: I’m still working on that post I promised, truly.

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teh aliens are coming

run for the hills teh aliens are coming!

According to several news reports

A video has been released that claims to show aliens and their spacecraft  with one UFO researcher calling it  the  “most important images of a UFO ever filmed”.

The video was shot over several months by a night guard in Turkey. You can read more about this  story and watch the video here or here .

As a lot of the comments on the site have said, why are these videos always so blurry? If the guy knew they’d keep coming back why didn’t he get the local news crew to film it with him? Or  why not get a tripod and buy/borrow a camera that could get really good footage of the UFO?

“Experts” say it’s not faked, but I’m still skeptical, how about you? Are aliens visiting earth?


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Is this doll evil?

What does this doll really say?

According to some the doll says “Islam is the light” and “Satan is king”. At Urban Legends David Emery thinks the doll might not be saying anything intelligible at all, as he says “it could be in the ear of the beholder”.

I must admit I can’t pick out the “Satan is king”, though on the youtube video you can sort of make it out, especially after the guy tells you where it is. However the “Islam is the light” is fairly clear (well, at least the “is the light” section).

See for your self, is this doll spouting religious comments?
Check out the youtube video, or listen to this mp3 from Mattel,
then have a read of David Emery’s take on the matter, including links to previous evil talking dolls including the Teletubby dolls saying “Faggot, faggot, bite my butt”?

If you want to read more, type this into google:  “islam is the light” + doll


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Carnival of the Godless # 102

Mission Impossible

A Division by Zero is hosting the latest Carnival of the Godless, DB0 has woven the entries into a story based on the premise “what would the God of Atheism think about the impossibility of religion?”

I had intended to post a submission to this carnival, but life keeps getting in the way of my blogging.

A funny quote from the TV show “Midsomer MurdersTalking to the Dead
(said by the religious minister about the guy that talks to the dead):

I’m a man of God, there’s no place for superstition in my religion


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