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Pray for Australia? Pray for Bulldozer!

Someone calling themselves The Worst of Perth has a site dedicated to the “worst examples of architecture, writing, design, culture and humanity in Perth Western Australia”. This one is a beauty.

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in the news…

Family First deny harassing abortion clinic patients

Democrats Leader Lyn Allison says security guards at the East Melbourne clinic have told her protesters often yell at women entering the clinic and follow them down the street.

Whilst Family First deny harassing anyone, just their mere presence could be considered harassment by some.

Brethren, Brown square off before election

It seems the Exclusive Brethren are responsible for dropping election material in mail boxes around Tasmania.

The material, titled ‘To the Citizens of Tasmania’ and authorised by 51 church members, alleges the Greens are anti-development and have immoral policies.

US polygamist leader jailed

I reported on this a while ago, seems he’s been sentenced.

US polygamist leader Warren Jeffs, the self-proclaimed “prophet” of a sect of breakaway Mormons, has been sentenced to 10 years to life in prison for having forced a 14-year-old girl to marry her first cousin.

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Bloging meme: earliest memory

I was tagged by Bruce from The Thinker’s Podium with this meme:

The rules for this one are simple.

  1. Describe your earliest memory where this memory is clear, where clear means you can depict at least three details.
  2. Give an estimate of how old you were at this age.
  3. Tag five other bloggers with this meme.

Here goes:

I have a fairly hopeless memory recall, I often find it difficult to recall things from years ago. Memories usually come to me all of a sudden, something, often completely unrelated, will trigger off a memory and then away I’ll go. So…

My earliest memory is from when I was about 4 1/2 years old. I was watching TV and there was a documentary about the side affects of smoking (this was many years ago before the hazards of smoking were as well known as now) . I remember being quite upset because my Dad smoked at that time. I also remember it was a fairly graphic program, which at the age of 4 I probably shouldn’t have been watching. I remember my Mum was in the kitchen at the time and going in to see her after watching the program and discussing it with her. When my Dad came home from work that evening I pleaded with him to stop smoking (which he did).

Seeing as I was so slow in blogging this I got memed twice and most of the people I was going to tag already have been. So I’m going to tag some random blogs:

Friendly Atheist, Greta Christina, No More Hornets, Unorthodox Atheism, Lacrimae Rerum

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“…rape victim gets 200 lashes…”

and some people wonder why religion is seen as bad


A COURT in the ultra-conservative Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia is punishing a female victim of gang rape with 200 lashes and six months in jail.


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Jesus Saves, or maybe not

After yesterdays blog I was thinking (whilst driving home) about the 500,000 people they were expecting at the RC World Youth picnic.

500,000 youths in one place at the one time; that’s a whole lot of hormones!

I know the Pope says they shouldn’t, but we all know some will give in to temptation. So perhaps we should organise a campaign.

jeus-saves.pngPerhaps we should picket outside Randwick and handout free condoms?

Any volunteers?

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I promised myself only 1 post today, until I read this: PM promises $20m to move horses for Pope

WTF. If the pope wants to visit here and have his stupid youth day let the F’in’ Xtians pay for the bloody thing! My taxes being used to move a few horses so the RCs can have a nice picnic? NO WAY Mr Howard.

“This funding will help make the youth day a big success while looking after the interests of the horse racing industry,” Mr Howard said.

I don’t care. I’d rather it was a failure, less brainwashing is always a good thing.

OK, now I’m going to have a prozac and a good lie down………..

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Do Ex-Christians Feel Guilty About Past Deeds?

Since becoming a ‘new atheist’ I’ve reflected on my past when I used to be a Christian and, at one stage, very ‘Religious’. One of the things I’ve thought about is – I wonder if I ever adversely affected someone’s life through my Christian efforts?

I remember ‘bible bashing’ on the street corner in Adelaide as an older teen and inviting people to come along to some shindig we were holding. We had comedians, bands and the guy who wrote and sang ‘On the Eve of Destruction’ (which I thought was way cool at the time) plus, of course, all the usual bible thumping, though in a friendly way, a bit like some of the ‘happy clappy’ cults these days.

I now wonder if any of those people we spoke to ever ‘converted to god’, looking back on it, with my atheist eyes, I hope not! In fact I have had a few moments of guilt/shame lately about some of the things I did as a Christian (like the above story).

I was wondering; do other ex-Christians feel guilty about what they said or did whilst they were Christians?

I hope some of the people from Debunking Christianity  have a read and provide feedback.


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