The Race Race

The USA election is upon us all, there is no escape no matter where you live. Fortunatley here in Australia Chris and Craig are following the final days of the American Election. If you haven’t been listening to the Race Race, do yourself a favour and tune in to JJJ 5pm weekdays, or else download the podcasts.



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3 responses to “The Race Race

  1. novparl

    Only 6 days to go, thank Christ. I expect ABC and The Age are acting as if Ozzies have the vote in the US.

    Hmm. Just noticed on the right that I look like a 70s space invader. Yeh, that was a great game.

  2. Most Australian media has been paying a lot of attention to the US elections, what with America being the leaders of the free world and all that

    this might be the first and only time I agree with you novparl 😆 yeh, space invaders was a great game, still play it occasionally on my MAME machine.

  3. tenquid

    As an American, I’m on tenterhooks about the outcome of this election. I’m sick to death of Republican rule and all that has meant here and throughout the world. I’m ashamed to be an American. I never gave my approval or permission for what was done in my name and with my tax money.

    I haven’t seen the US as a” leader of the free world” for many years. Real leaders appeal to our better nature. They inspire us to work together for the greater good. The US has been a leader only in spreading death, destruction, fear and misery for the last decade or so. We are fat and greedy and corrupt and mean-spirited.

    I can only hope that tomorrow there will b a great turning away from that and a turning toward tolerance and cooperation. If the Republicans find a way to steal this election again, I may ring up Oz Atheist to see if he still has a back room to let.

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