teh aliens are coming

run for the hills teh aliens are coming!

According to several news reports

A video has been released that claims to show aliens and their spacecraft  with one UFO researcher calling it  the  “most important images of a UFO ever filmed”.

The video was shot over several months by a night guard in Turkey. You can read more about this  story and watch the video here or here .

As a lot of the comments on the news.com.au site have said, why are these videos always so blurry? If the guy knew they’d keep coming back why didn’t he get the local news crew to film it with him? Or  why not get a tripod and buy/borrow a camera that could get really good footage of the UFO?

“Experts” say it’s not faked, but I’m still skeptical, how about you? Are aliens visiting earth?



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8 responses to “teh aliens are coming

  1. They can’t be sirius can they ?

  2. Well, they’ve alienated me….my hoax antenna is rising….I agree with you Oz, why oh why didn’t they do a better job of it, anyone on earth 🙂 would know this would be the scoop story of a lifetime….just that factor makes me very skeptical.

  3. AV

    From The Sun:

    And it has earned the seal of approval from British experts.

    UFO Data Magazine editor Russell Callaghan said [. . .]

    Appeal to authority fail.

  4. AV

    I have a theory about UFOs. All UFOs are equipped with special rays that turn photographs of them blurry.

    Incidentally, creatures such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster also appear to be equipped with this special ray.


  5. @AV, have you been taking comedy pills lately, some of your recent comments have been hilarious. cheers

    special ray – its a theory

    I saw that epic fail too, the expert is a Ufologist; well it must be true.

  6. 1minionsopinion

    It’s always amusing to run into these stories. I like the one about Prophet Yahweh and the black supermen he’s in contact with. They’re supposed to be coming to Vegas on the 31st to support Barack Obama. I wonder what his response will be when the day (weeks) go by and there’s no space ship… Some clever wriggling will be caught on camera, no doubt.

  7. Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster possess an organ that enriches an isotope that emits film (and digital image) blurring radiation. If you were a competent cyptobiologist, you would know that. 😉

    The UFOs just come to Earth to harvest the organs, to fuel their camera blurring ray efforts. Duh!


  8. AV

    @AV, have you been taking comedy pills lately, some of your recent comments have been hilarious. cheers

    special ray – its a theory

    I can’t really claim credit for it. Apparently there’s a Goodies episode in which they visit Loch Ness to see the monster. The kiosk nearby sells special camera filters for making your photos turn out blurry.

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