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Carnival of the Godless

The latest Carnival of the Godless #101 is up at the Lay Scientist. The Lay Scientist has a competition with his Carnival, you have to work out what the numbers are, I have no clue.


DB0 is holding the next one and he has set his sights fairly high. He’s planning on listing them within a story with the theme of Impossibilities. Good luck DB0. Lets all make DB0’s life hard and send him lots of submissions  🙂

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Breaking News

Republican White House hopeful John McCain has announced he will suspend his presidential campaign to focus on the financial turmoil which has rocked Wall Street and global markets. from


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Atheist Activism

A chart showing the relationship between weak/...Image via Wikipedia

I found this fascinating quote today:

It is undeniable that atheist activism is desperately needed. It is also clear that we can make an important difference through even a minimal investment of time. So why aren’t more atheists engaging in activism? It occurs to me that it might be useful to address some of the obstacles to atheist activism. This post examines black-and-white thinking as one such barrier to activism.Vjack, Atheist Revolution: Obstacles to Activism: Black-and-White Thinking, Sep 2008

You should read the whole article.

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Lawful Excuse

Kingsnorth Power Station, Hoo, Kent, United Kingdom

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News from UK. A British jury acquitted environmental activists who damaged a coal-fired power station. The Court cleared the six activists of criminal damage, accepting they had a “lawful excuse” to damage the Kingsnorth property to try to prevent the even greater damage of climate change.

The defence of “lawful excuse” under the Criminal Damage Act 1971 allows damage to be caused to property to prevent even greater damage — such as breaking down the door of a burning building to put out the fire.

As the article in The Australian says “[this] will send chills down corporate spines across Britain”. This is the second time Greenpeace activists have successfully used the “lawful excuse” defence.

I wonder if this law could be used against churches? I can see the defence case now:

The damage caused to the minds of young children is far worse than the damages we caused writing “God is a Delusion” on the church walls.

So how about it? Anyone got some spray paint tins?

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Abortion Laws Pose Threat

A&E sign common in the UK.

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Abortion prevents emergency care.


That’s right you heard it here first, if the Victorian government legalises abortion (hopefully the Upper house will pass the bill soon) then Catholic hospitals could be forced to close emergency departments. So says Melbourne’s Catholic Archbishop Denis Hart, who also says relaxed abortion laws amount to an attack on religious freedom.

No Archbishop, relaxed abortion laws give rights to women, to allow women to be in control of their own bodies. It allows women to feel less guilt about having an abortion. I understand some women feel guilt, remorse, or upset about getting an abortion; making it legal is one less obstacle in their way, one less worry for them.

The Archbishop thinks it’s contrary to Catholic ethical codes, all I can say is the Catholic church needs to reconsider their ethics.

Close emergency and maternity wards thus putting possibly hundreds of lives in danger just because you think ‘every sperm is sacred’ doesn’t cut very good moral codes with me. What do you think?

Read more:


The Age

The Australian

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Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy there me Hearties, it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day. Why not join in ya’ scurvy dogs?


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Just Visiting

The observant amongst you will notice the new header picture. It is a shot of Cronulla Beach taken from one of the rock pools (baths). Just visited there yesterday, for the first ever time, to catch up with relatives who were also visiting there. Here’s another photo, of the famous/infamous beach.

Cronulla North Beach

Cronulla North Beach


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