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Do as i say, not as I do

From Sundays news comes this story about the Pope requesting the G8 help stop poverty.

Pope Benedict has urged G8 nations to boost development aid to Africa and the world’s poorest countries in spite of the financial crisis.

He made the call in the run-up to a leaders’ summit in Italy this week.

In a letter to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi released by the Vatican, the Pope said decisions made during the summit can only be efficient if they are ethical.

He said aid programs, particularly those for Africa, risk being cancelled or drastically reduced because of the financial crisis, plunging even more people into poverty. from

Hmmm, One of the richest organisations in the world, though we’ll never know how rich they are as they, unlike proper organisations, aren’t audited or accountable. The Catholic Church (like all  religions) also get huge tax breaks in numerous countries to aid their wealth even further. But, despite being so wealthy what are they doing to stop poverty in the world? Not much I’d say.

In fact the Catholic church has for many years been exacerbating and compounding the problem of world poverty by denying proper family planning and birth control measures (they actually encourage large families). Thus  ensuring areas where Catholicism is rife have high, and often too high, birth rates. More mouths to feed only worsens poverty in many countries.

Perhaps the Catholic church could, instead of requesting others to help stop poverty, let their followers use birth control and put in measures to ensure families do not overpopulate, especially in poverty stricken areas. Additionally perhaps the Catholic church could spend some of its ill gotten gains assisting poverty stricken areas to fend for themselves.

What else do you think the Catholic church could do to end world poverty?


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