Just Visiting

The observant amongst you will notice the new header picture. It is a shot of Cronulla Beach taken from one of the rock pools (baths). Just visited there yesterday, for the first ever time, to catch up with relatives who were also visiting there. Here’s another photo, of the famous/infamous beach.

Cronulla North Beach

Cronulla North Beach



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4 responses to “Just Visiting

  1. It looks very nice up there on your header! I love (as you know) changing out my header photo. It’s just a little thing but it makes me happy!

    How was your visit?

  2. Hey I’ve been there. Nice beach.

  3. The visit was nice, thanks for asking wineymomma, good to catch up with my relatives without having to go all the way to Adelaide to meet them.

  4. I wish I lived near a beach.

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