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Republican White House hopeful John McCain has announced he will suspend his presidential campaign to focus on the financial turmoil which has rocked Wall Street and global markets. from



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9 responses to “Breaking News

  1. What presidential campaign? The guy’s been asleep for weeks.

  2. McWho? I thought Palin was the presidential candidate 🙂

  3. Seeming to me that he is buying as much time as he can. While McCain may be able to hold up against Obama, Palin is a shot in the dark. Biden is an experienced public politician, and does well in debates, while Palin tends to know little about politics that don’t relate to Alaska. I sincerley hope Obama turns McCain’s suspension offer down.

  4. Since when would any candidate’s focus on Wall Street not constitute part of the campaign? This is just s stunt to make him appear beyond politics, after some of the sordid real politik he’s recently been a party to.

  5. Biden is an idiot who tells wheel chair bound people to stand up and take a bow and knows nothing of American history yet tries to relate it to the current financial crisis.

    That being said I think the campaign suspension is a baaaadddd idea.

  6. It’s all so embarrassing. How big is Australia? I have a pretty big family and we are looking for another Country!
    I’m not even voting this year. Everything is such a mess. Now I know why you all laugh at us…..

  7. Everything is a mess so you don’t vote? seems to me that is just watching the fire instead of being someone fanning the flames or trying to put it out.

  8. Jimmy

    Traceytreasure: Australia is huge but we do have a lot of desert. we always have room for freethinkers, at least we did elect an Athiest Prime Minister a few years ago ( Bob Hawke) I can’t see a non believer getting into the white House, although I don’t think for a minute George W is a real Christian he only does it to keep the fundamentalist wacko’s on side, even Karl Rove laughed at them behind closed doors.

  9. Thanks Jimmy!

    I’ve always thought you had to be a Mason to be in the White House.

    Enshoku, I’m voting but I’m not sure I’m going to like the outcome. 😦 Is there any fixing this shit?

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