Fuck you Pell

I could almost agree with the first six paragraphs of this article written by Cardinal Pell, but the next two paragraphs are …. words fail me; but feel free to insert you own.

“The many excellent government agencies are religiously neutral, secular and not anti-God, paid for largely by the taxes of the Christian majority,” Cardinal Pell said.

“But we find no community services sponsored by the atheists.”

WFT? WTF? Pell please get your head out of your arse!

How can two sentences contain so much wrong? It’s beyond me. OK, bit by bit.

The many excellent government agencies are religiously neutral

Not strictly true, bordering on outright false. Parliament, and even some councils, start with prayer sessions, Christian based ones mostly. Governments have awarded various (again, as far as I’m aware, all Christian) religious organisations all sorts of government contracts, including a family planning one!

secular and not anti-God

Secular, barely. Not anti-God definitely because of all the god-botherers in senior positions!

paid for largely by the taxes of the Christian majority

Oh , fuck right off Pell you ignoramus! Every worker, religious or not, pays taxes to keep this country and it’s government agencies running; not just your “Christian majority”. On top of that all us non-religious people, about 1/3 of the populace by the way Pell you ignorant fool, pays taxes for your tax free, and tax break, status that religions get. That nice company car you drive Mr Pell is partly paid for by my non-religious taxes.

“But we find no community services sponsored by the atheists.”

That’s partly because we don’t get tax breaks for doing so! Additionally there are quite a few non-religious charitable organisations that do an awful lot of good in the community, and the world, but unlike you religious people we don’t generally shout from the rafters what wonderful people we are for doing what should come naturally to people anyway (which is helping your fellow beings). There are also many non-religious community services which probably are sponsored by atheists however their non-religiosity is not advertised. PS. yes I do donate to charity each year, but only non-religious ones.


I am normally fairly civil in my blog posts, but in this instance I’m not holding back.

Written late at night after a few glasses of wine and whilst just a tad upset (at Pell’s article) so apologies it it’s a little incoherent and without much factual basis (though I’m sure I could back up most of my claims with a little time and effort), and thankfully spell check works. 🙂



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4 responses to “Fuck you Pell

  1. I love this post and the title made me laugh out loud.

    Maybe you should blog late more often.


  2. There is something quite strange about someone who thinks it’s rational to base a movement on a single disbelief. Atheists simply do not accept the claims of theists, as such it’s difficult to imagine where to motivation for action comes from.

    If your looking for organisations who do not believe in a deity, then I suggest ones that do not explicitly state there motivations come directly from their sky wizard. Red Cross International, Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders, and many others are fine examples. All state they will provide assistance to anyone, from anywhere, for any reason. They have no impetus to teach voodoo to those who accept their charity.

  3. very true Andrew, and as one of the speakers at atheistcon pointed out 3 out of 4 of the biggest donators to charity in America are atheists.

  4. All you lefty scum always attack Pell because of his religious views and because he knows Tony Abbott.
    You are a typical labor party bastard.
    Hand back all the money you latte criminals have stolen. I hope gangs of lebs rape the females in your family.

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