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Books – August 2010

Just added a new page called Books (see header) which lists all the Atheism, Philosophy, Science, Theism, and related topics, books that I own (and have, mostly, read – see Legend), updated and current as of August 2010.

Most of these used to be listed in a text widget in the sidebar, which has now been deleted.



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Books – brief reviews

Updated my reading list in the sidebar with some new additions.

The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins.

An excellent lay-persons guide to Evolution. It is such a pity that books like this have to be written to try and counter-act the complete misinformation that the Creationists, ‘Intelligent Designers’ and other narrow minded religious people spout.

Evolution is a Fact, get over it people, especially the misinformed sheep that believe anything if it come from a pulpit.

The saddest thing about this book is that the people who really need to read it won’t, in fact most will flat out refuse to.

It should be compulsory for everyone on the planet to read at least chapter 1 of this book, it would be good if this was freely available to download and read (perhaps it is?), then no one would have an excuse to use the “just a theory” pathetic argument against evolution.

Deer Hunting With Jesus by Joe Bageant.

A book that tries to explain why so many Americans vote against their own best interests, and discusses the class war that no one else wants to talk about, the white American underclass. This book is written in a easy to read story-telling style but covers a lot of topics, including the American health care system (or complete lack thereof), Americans at War, and why so many Americans want a theocratic state ( a rather scary section of the book).

He does get on his soap box a few times, but overall an interesting and thought provoking read.

Blog Update

I have also added tw0 comments to my previous blog post, about my new Kindle eBook reader, that will be of great interest to any Australians who are considering buying one.


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Which is the way to god please?

A few weeks ago Hemant posted about a German children’s book, which he termed “the god delusion for kids“. A couple of days ago he posted that the book is now available in English for free. The pictures can be viewed separately here.

The book tells the story of how piglet and hedgehog find a poster which says “He who knows not God, is missing something!”. So piglet and hedgehog go on a journey to find God and in the process  talk to a rabbi, a bishop and a mufti. In the end they decide they weren’t missing anything in their lives after all.

The books aims are to make children realise they are not missing out on anything without religion and God, and that respect has to be earned, not assumed.

Some people have stated the book badly caricatures the three religions and their leaders. Personally I thought it was hilarious and had some very valid messages.

Download yourself a copy of the book and have a read, make sure you look at the accompanying pictures. Piglet looks a tad worried in this one:


Happy reading, let me know what you think.


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A Bad Year for God?

Richard Dawkins’ ‘The God Delusion’ is being released in paperback in America this week, to mark the occasion an advert was to be published in The New York Times (NYT) Sunday Book Review section, you can see a copy of the advert here. As the advert says, it seems like it was a bad year for God last year. Atheist books, such as Richard’s, sold well (‘The God Delusion’ was one of the top 20 books sold in Australia last year) and it looks like there are more to come.

Yesterdays NYT had a review of a new book called Irreligion:

A Mathematician Explains Why the Arguments for God Just Don’t Add Up.
By John Allen Paulos.
158 pp. Hill & Wang. $20.

Jim Holt gives it a mixed review, there’s also a link to the first chapter, so you can read some of it and review it yourself.

What with the Archbishop of canterbury telling us the Christmas story was just a legend and the rise of atheist letters being published in local newspapers and online, as I reported earlier; one might get the idea that religion may be starting to wane?

Gerard Baker, at Times Online, posted similar thoughts in his piece ‘2007, a bad year for God squadders’ (which I commented on after it was re-printed in The Australian) his opinon is that:

It was the believers that did most to discredit religion this year, not the atheists.

Tell us what you considered  to be some of the biggest blunders of the religious last year, things that might just put that final nail in the coffin of religion, things that made you laugh at the religious, things that made you cry, …

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