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Jesus is the answer…

WTF was the question?

The Atheist Foundation of Australia (AFA) are currently asking people to be on the lookout for any religious adverts; particularly on buses, billboards, or other media managed by APN.

Here’s a sample taken on the Pacific Highway near Hexham/Sandgate, you can also see it on Google Maps (though its a bit out of focus). It is unknown at this stage who the advertising company is that manages these particular billboards. If anyone knows please let me know.


As you should be aware by now the AFA was planning on conducting an Atheist Bus Campaign similar to the ones in the UK, USA and Spain. However APN has refused to carry the adverts.  The AFA has decided to pursue redress of the APN Outdoor ‘rejection’ with the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. If the AFA find any evidence of APN carrying religious advertising then this can be used as evidence in the case. Therefore it would be appreciated if all Australians could be on the lookout for religious advertising carried by APN. If anyone sees any religious advertising please let the AFA know by contacting them on their forum, or by leaving a comment here.

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Aussie Bus Campaign – an update

yeah Ok Obama won, get over it, there’s other atheist stuff to worry about 🙂

An update on the Aussie Atheist Bus Campaign.

I have just read the latest on the AFA forum, and could not believe what I was reading. I responded with a rather terse reply. (it’s late, I’m tired,  I’ve had a few drinks – get over it) For those of you not privy to the AFA forum (and if you are an Australian Atheist why aren’t you?) here are a few snippets:

… here is the latest information from Metro Buses in Tasmania: “Metro has considered the advertising material and feel that there is reasonable potential for the message to stimulate debate from interest groups within the community, and possibly draw negative criticism that identifies metro as the advertising medium provider.

and here is my reply:

That stuff from Metro is BULLSHIT!! WhoTF do they think they are trying to kid.?????

Um, three things:
1) Metro – you are an advertising medium
2) Since when does anyone think that the adverts on buses (or whatever) represent what the bus company (or whatever) believes in? So bus companies believe in sexy lingerie, or perfumes?
3) What is so wrong with “stimulating debate”?

I also re-iterated my support for the bus advertising campaign, no matter what the slogan is; and I also suggested that the AFA should consider supplying a TV show like 4 corners with the problems they have encountered.

I think it would make for very interesting TV viewing, demonstrating the religious cowardice of advertising agencies and transport ministries here in Australia.

What do you think?

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