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Technical Education Goes Sectarian And Private

Rudd and Gillard continue the Howard toxic legacy of throwing vast amounts of money to tax exempt religious organisations in order to run (or should that be ruin) our education system. Turning what should be a secular system, open to everyone, providing unbiased (religiously) education; into a sectarian education system overseen by organisations with one purpose in mind; to convert everyone to their particular religious ideology, and get good tax breaks whilst doing it.

Now the government has gifted four Technical Colleges to religious organisations.

Well they reckon Jesus was a carpenter, so I guess it fits. </sarcasm>


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Net Censorship – part 262

The absolutely ridiculous idea of our ‘so called’ Minister for Communications has featured in the news again. This time, Michael Malone, the managing Director of one of the largest ISPs has agreed to be involved in the trials. But there is a twist, he’s agreed to be involved, 

to provide the Government with "hard numbers" demonstrating "how stupid it is" – specifically that the filtering system would not work, would be patently simple to bypass, would not filter peer-to-peer traffic and would significantly degrade network speeds.

He’s not the only one questioning Stephen Conroy, Senator Ludlam raised the issue in question time today. Ludlam asked Conroy to retract his claims he’d made in a Senate Estimates committee, namely that

… Britain, Sweden, Canada and New Zealand had all implemented similar filtering systems.

However, in all cases, participation by ISPs was optional and the filtering was limited in scope to predominantly child pornography.

So Conroy may not of outright lied, but his obfuscation is equivalent to lying, surely? So why aren’t the government opposition and media calling him on this? I’m really over people lying to me by not quite telling me the truth, or providing a half truth, or by bullying me into just believing what they say no matter if it’s true, false or something in between.

And that’s how he’s getting away with it in the media and ‘general’ public. He indicates he’s doing this to ‘save the children from pornography and paedophilia’ so who would dare to say anything against it? Well me and many others fortunately, people who realise this is all a smoke screen. Filtering porn on the net won’t stop paedophiles, for a start they tend to use messaging and peer-to-peer services to contact children and pass media to each other. The filter wont prevent any of that, and the police already have plenty of powers and technology to investigate, find and prosecute these people (as has been evidenced with numerous prosecutions around the world recently).

So we look into this filtering further and find that Conroy wants to filter “illegal” sites (whatever illegal is), but there is already a ‘black list’ of illegal sites in service in Australia. So what’s the porn thing all about? Well, you wouldn’t know it but the government might need one or two of the Independents to vote with the bill. Guess who the Independents are? Senator Fielding – right wing religious nut job party; and Senator Xenophon – anti-gambling nutter. How these two absolutely minority Independents got into parliament is beyond me. How Australia’s Internet, freedom of speech and right to view adult entertainment are all being curtailed by a few BRAIN DEAD MORONS is  beyond belief. Democracy at its worse.

I like Malone’s conclusion:

"This is the worst Communications Minister we’ve had in the 15 years since the [internet] industry has existed."

and we’ve had some real shockers! Why has Australia had so many complete imbeciles running technology portfolios?

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Various things of interest

After hearing all about the American Presidential election yesterday (note to the ABC, the A stands for Australian, not American. LOL), I decided to try and catch up on my blog friends, and some other news. Not surprisingly most of them were discussing the election.

However, there were a few exceptions:


LOL Cat Bible (apologies to who ever it was that reminded me of this). If like me you are a fan of LOL Cats (and I know a certain Fiery friend of mine is; as is a certain cat, tortoise, dog, horse loving friend) and in particular Ceiling Cat, then you may well be interested in the LOL Cat Bible.


Matt’s last post discussed the Compulsory Univeristy Fees. Not a topic that personaly affects me, but when Howard banned the old scheme there were a lot of people upset about it. The new Labour government’s scheme goes some way to redressing the situation, but it has problems. Anyway, if you are interested Matt covers it in depth.


Whilst blogging last night I had the TV on in the background and noticed an ad for an interesting looking documentary. (SBS Sunday 9 November at 8:35pm)

The President’s Guide To Science,

The film makers asks some of the biggest names in science to have a quiet word with the new President, be it Obama or McCain [we all now it’s Obama]. The United States President is quite simply the most powerful man on earth, but past Presidents have often known little about science. That is a problem when the decisions they make will affect every one of us, from nuclear proliferation to climate change. To help the new President get to grips with this intimidating responsibility, some of the world’s leading scientists, from Dawkins to Watson, share some crucial words of advice. (From the UK, in English) (Documentary) CC


Then there is this complety off topic article in todays paper:

WHEN a woman out jogging was bitten by a rabid fox, she ran on for another 1.5km with the animal still attached to her arm and threw it into the boot of her car.

They breed them tough in Arizona!


OK one American election topic. The following picture was developed to remind voters that the election should be about the issues, not about race.


(from Ananova)

I’m sure some people voted for, or against, Obama because he is black, but I’m also sure many others voted for him just because they thought he was the best candidate.


That’s all for now



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Americans have voted – Obama Wins!

Well what else is there to talk about?

Americans have elected Barack Obama as their next President, but I don’t envy his position. As the ABC says:

Senator Obama, 47, will be inaugurated the 44th US president on January 20, 2009, and inherit an economy mired in the worst financial crisis since the 1930s, two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and a nuclear showdown with Iran.

Well, it will be interesting to see what happens now.

It looks like he didn’t just win, he thrashed the opposition.

update 7pm

Got back from a run and turned on the TV to find Christopher Hitchens opinioning. The ABC was doing an election special and they were into the run-down of the election phase. A bunch of heads gabbing on about what they thought this means, blah blah blah. Hitchens was being a bit belligerent, disagreeing with everyone, but what else would you expect from him?

I’ve now poured myself a Southern Comfort (only American spirit I could find in my bar) in one of my ‘naughty’ glasses, as a tribute to the American election. Cheers All.

One of the things I think this election result shows is an increase in the maturity of the American voting public. It was only 40 years ago that segregation ended and now you have elected a black president. Well done all.

Now to wait and see what, if anything changes or improves.


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Americans – VOTE!

It’s one simple thing, once every four years. Don’t think that just because Obama will probably win that this is an excuse for you not to vote. Your vote may just be the one that swings the final outcome. If you don’t vote you only have yourself to blame if the outcome is not to your liking.

So quit reading the Interwebs and go and VOTE.

PS. in the unlikely event that you end up with another 4 years of right-wing religious republicans running your country and want to get away from it all for a while and visit my wonderful country (even if it is also run by politicians with strong religious leanings)  I now have two spare bedrooms, and a large empty bed to share.  LOL

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Breaking News

Republican White House hopeful John McCain has announced he will suspend his presidential campaign to focus on the financial turmoil which has rocked Wall Street and global markets. from


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Some videos

Being a bit lazy, but the links have some interesting videos to watch:

Friendly Atheist asks “who’s in the wrong?”

MGK has the Paris Hilton video (no not “that” one!) in which she acquits herself very well. Having a swipe at McCain using her in an anti Obama advert.

Sean has a clip of “The Genius of Charles Darwin“, hopefully this 3 part show will air on our ABC in the near future. Pharyngula seems to have the whole first episode (48 mins – 112Mb) on his site.

The Frame Problem posted this a while back, for those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s quite funny. Reminds me of the Chasers open mike stunts.

We have a voice has four videos from old British comedies taking the piss out of religion, again, these were posted a while back.

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