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I Want to Shop and Gamble

For the first time in NSW punters will be allowed to bet on Good Friday following the decision by Tabcorp to be open for gambling on this once sacrosanct day.  from

Not surprisingly religious groups are furious.

Father Brian Lucas, from the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, says Tabcorp’s decision shows nothing is more sacred than profit for some.  

Is nothing sacred? Frankly, no.

The head of problem gambling services at the Salvation Army, Gerard Burn, says religious holidays should be protected from trading.

Why should they be protected more than any other public holiday? As it is, as religious diversity and secularism rises around the world these remnants of  observing Anglo-Saxon Christian rituals become less and less valid to the general populace.


David Jones, Myer and Kmart have meanwhile applied to the Director General of Commerce to be allowed to trade on previously restricted days like Easter Sunday [in NSW].

as they point out:

religion’s role in society has diminished, but religious and charity groups say the days are two of the last sacred holidays left on the calendar.

boo hoo to the religious and charity groups. Soon there may be no sacred days on the calendar, wouldn’t that be good?

To any religious people who venture here thinking of making any stupid remarks about atheists happy to have the Easter holidays off, forget it, don’t even consider it, you will be shot down in flames. Yes I believe we should get rid of christian based public holidays in a secular society, we can still have public holidays, we can just celebrate something else more important and pertinent to a modern society. Suggestions anyone?


Five Public Opinions also blogged about this today, his closing paragraph is sublime:

Or else prepare to be mocked for your obscene presumptuousness in dictating to the rest of us how we should live our lives. That mockery is a sign that human society is liberating itself from the superstitious and unnecessary fear and awe of old male virgins wearing funny robes. History is pwning you. And that’s a good thing.

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I’m back….

I’m back from my lovely, and very warm, holiday in Adelaide. With maximum temperatures over 35O C each day (and still) and temperatures above 30 even at midnight it made for some very warm times. Hanging around Fringe Festival events, such as “The Garden of Unearthly Delights” till the wee small hours was quite pleasant weather wise. The bars were doing a roaring trade (I did my bit to maintain their profits).

I decided not to get on the net whilst I was away, I had some spare time on Sunday, but thought I would prove I’m not addicted by staying away from blogging while on holidays.

Since I’ve been back I’ve been catching up on work and reading some of my favourite blogs (I didn’t comment on them, but if you’re on the list on the right, expect I’ve had a quick read). Good to see a few of you discussing the Vatican’s new Sins.


The Catholic Church possibly the world’s richest corporation and they want to make obscene riches a sin?

I took my camera, but as usual forgot to take many photos. The Northern Lights (light projections onto the old buildings on North Tce – museum, library, etc) were quite specky, my photos don’t do it justice. In this picture the statues aren’t real they are projections on columns.

northern lights

The Persian Garden is in the amphitheatre at the Adelaide Festival persian garden Theatre complex. This is normally just hard concrete stairs to sit on. For the festival they built platforms, threw down a few rugs and cushions and at night had bands and DJs. It was a great atmosphere and I had a top night there listening to Batucada Sound Machine, a samba / reggae / hip-hop band with a huge sound – six percussionists and a three piece horn section.

Just for Thinker here’s some photos of the Popeye on the river Torrens, note the sign?

popeye and fountain

popeye and sign

popeye up close

Well that’s all for now, if you ever visit Adelaide try and go at this time of year and catch the many festivals. If you are currently in Adelaide “do yourself a favour” and check out ‘The Northern Lights’.

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Well I’m off to sunny Adelaide, the City of Churches, for family business/holiday so I might not be blogging for a few days. If I get a chance I’ll find an Internet cafe and post a few travel pictures, and maybe a comment or two.

Cheers, don’t forget to read my last few posts:

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Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t been blogging lately? Well there are a few reasons:

New toys to play with:

  1. Play Station 3 and The Golden Compass game
  2. Optus Wireless Broadband (OWB)

So I got my new PS3 (free, courtesy of Sony Bravia promotion) bought The Golden Compass game (OH said get something without shooting involved!) and have been playing that, instead of blogging, when I get home.

The Optus 3G network was finally switched on in my area so I bought the 5Gb package with  the InZone (Huawei E960) modem/router. After years of being on dial-up, then 1 way satellite, this is amazing! I’m getting about 330kbps/900kbps (up/down), and with in-built wireless router I can connect my PS3 and our laptops to it, for remote web surfing etc. 😎

I spent the last couple of nights trying to get a media server to work with the PS3. Finally got this working (mostly) last night using WMP11 on the PC connected to the modem/router, I can now stream the media (MP3s and Photos) on my PC to the PS3. Cool. 😎

Work and Life:

  1. Work, well it has to get in the way sometimes.
  2. I’ve been joining various organisations – more about this shortly.
  3. Reading – finished His Dark Materials trilogy and two Jasper Fforde novels

Works in progress:

  1. I’ve been working on a few posts, but have been struggling with the right words to use.
  2. Which leads me to Windows Live Writer – the review is coming… eventually.


  1. I’m off to sunny Adelaide on Thursday so been organising that, well the OH has mostly, and she’s not even going! I’ve just been working out which Fringe Festival shows to go to.

Well that’s some of my pathetic excuses for not blogging much lately. Planning to post about joining various non-religious organisations and why more of us need to, before I go on holidays, stay tuned. If I get a chance I’ll post some travel pictures and other stuff while I’m in Adelaide, see you there.

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