Australian Vaccination Network

Or as it should be more rightly called: Australian Anti-Vaccination Network discourages people to vaccinate their children with unfounded claims, this presents a danger to public health.

Several campaigns have been launched to counter the hazard that the AVN presents to the public, including Stop the Australian Vaccination Network. Recently the NSW HCCC has issued a notice against the AVN which they have yet to comply with. A new campaign has started encouraging bloggers and other online concerned citizens to create links to the Australian Vaccination Network or AVN which instead point to the HCCC notice. Hopefully if enough people get involved in this campaign people searching on Google will get directed to the HCCC notice instead of the Australian Vaccination Network site, hence ensuring concerned parents are made fully aware of the AVN‘s deceptive practices. I urge all concerned bloggers to get involved. Feel free to copy the entire text of this post if you like, instead of having to try and come up with your own text. (It would be appreciated if you provided a link back here (use this URL or the permalink) and/or acknowledgement where you got this from.)

Here is a similar text from ChrysStevenson, found via twitter, from her web site, used with her knowledge and permission:

Australian Vaccination Network

In a  triumph of reason, the Australian Health Complaints Commission has issued a public warning about the Australian Vaccination Network .   After a 12 month investigation, the HCCC found that the Australian Vaccination Network:

  • provides information that is solely anti-vaccination
  • contains information that is incorrect and misleading
  • quotes selectively from research to suggest that vaccination may be dangerous.

The Australian Vaccination Network is now also under investigation by the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR).  According to the OLGR, an audit of the Australian Vaccination Network revealed breaches of the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991, including alleged incidents of fund-raising without authority, unauthorised expenditure and failure to keep proper records of income and expenditure.

Help by either creating your own post or copying mine, the more the merrier, the Australian Vaccination Network needs to comply with the HCCC Public Warning Notice.



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9 responses to “Australian Vaccination Network

  1. Michael

    Until about 10 years ago I firmly believed in vaccinations. Once I started to look into their ingredients and side-effects I began to have misgivings. Consequenlty, I do not consider the AVN’s practices to be deceptive. They are open in what they promote unlike pharmaceutical companies who sanitise the results of their safety studies when developing new vaccines.

    Personally, I know three families whose children were seriously adversely affected by vaccinations. I also know others who work in aged care and who have witnessed a huge increase in the rate of deaths following flu injections in nursing homes. Recently we have had a lot of children who became very ill following a “safe” flu shot. Sadly, one child even died.

    I would urge everyone to do your own research and decide for yourself. Just because the doctors or government say something is safe doesn’t mean it is true – remember thalidomide, agent orange, ddt, asbestos, tobacco and lots more…

    • Katie B

      “Consequenlty, I do not consider the AVN’s practices to be deceptive.”

      If they are not being deceptive, why do they refuse to describe themselves as anti-vaccination?
      Why do they ban and delete any comments which disagree from their point of view?
      Why do they still publish information which is factually incorrect, even though they have been given the correct information?

    • Sure, Michael. The AVN are not deceptive.

      That’ll be why the HCCC haven’t pilloried them, then. Oh, wait.

      No, the AVN consistently claim that they’re not anti-vaccination in public, while wearing the label proudly in private. They are hypocrites, and they’ve been clearly demonstrated to be incapable of interpreting medical information.

      Luckily for public health, your opinion on the AVN is unimportant.

      Aldo, I find it fascinating the number of antivaxers who claim to personally “know several people injured by a vaccine”. I don’t know of a single person actually injured by a vaccine. None of my social circle know anyone injured by a vaccine. When we search the literature, we find that actual severe side effects are vanishingly rare. Maybe all you antivaxers all know the same three people who’ve had a vaccine reaction. Now that *would* be statistically improbable.

      By the way “doing your own research” should consist of reputable sources. Most antivaxers couldn’t find a reputable source if they had a map. Actuslly, most antivaxers can’t find their own arse with both hands.

  2. Woody

    Yes the good old days before vaccination it was such a great time to be alive you could experience all of these diseases and maybe even live to be a teenager Diptheria, Polio, Whooping Cough, Chicken Pox, yes the 18th Century was such a great time.
    Please if you oppose vaccination stay away from me and my family.

  3. Great. I blogged about this as well. You are quite right, the more the merrier.
    However Dorey is going to mount an appeal so it’s only good news for now.
    She has gone to the USA for a self styled quack week 1 – 6 November (otherwise known to themselves as Vaccine Awareness Week with the masters of anti-vaccine quackery Joe Mercola and the NCIV.
    So keep an eye out for when she gets back.

  4. Hey, did you listen to the Science Show on 6 November. I don’t get it here in Scotland until later but I do have the transcript.

    Barry Marshall is a Perthite and the first Nobel Prize winner that WA has produced so forgive my “Yay”.

    I would say it is a far way off but if Marshall thinks he can harness Helicobater pylori to deliver vaccines orally then I, for one, am intensely interested. It will make Public Health community vaccination measures much easier and cheaper to deliver.

    Any more on AVN?

  5. I am an atheist and also a member of the British humanist association I was told at my last meeting of my group about the census form arriving soon and the question about what religion you are etc. We were told not to put not religious (humanist) as this may also be counted as a religion. But to tick the no religion box yes i agree religion should be kept out of politics and church and state should be different sections of society in my opinion.

    • Good, Carole. In the past 10 years since the last census in the UK, a lot has happened. Sam Harris didn’t publish until 2004 and Dawkins in 2006. The Middle East really took off in sectarian politics after 11 Sept 2001 and the Roman Catholics have been facing increasing pressure to accept the horrendous truth of their training programmes and graduate behaviour.

      Securalism is what you talk about when separating church and state and BHA has hit the mail. The NSS has been lobbying for change to the wording of the religious question but there appears to be a tremendous push to get the Christian box ticked to inflate the actual numbers. Check this out:

      I have serious concerns about the use of census statistics for public policy making and grants funding. Be that as may be, I won’t boycott the census but will make sure that my answer to the ‘religious’ question is foot noted if I feel it necessary. Damn the computer readers.

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