I’m not a scientist…

and neither is Gary Ablett Snr. Despite that, today the Herald Sun posted a NEWS article in which Mr Ablett espoused about evolution and morals. Apart from the fact that he got just about everything completely wrong, he also plagiarised a whole paragraph from someone else’s website.

Twitter has been abuzz today with first the original news article, then with the fact that he’d plagiarised part of it. Paul Kidd at buggery.org wrote a good article about Ablett’s article in which he has a side by side comparison of the plagiarism. The plagiarised section was taken from Grace Haven Ministries, a US evangelical organisation.

There are plenty of other bloggers discussing this today including the Young Australian Skeptics who were one of the first to deride Ablett’s laughable piece in the Herald Sun. Whilst I’m all for people being to allowed to express their own opinions, for the Herald Sun to include this in their news section is very sloppy journalism and sub-editing.

Ablett’s knowledge of evolution is basically non-existent and his regurgitating of several creationist ideas which have been well and truly debunked shows his total lack of research. It is also quite laughable of Ablett to try and lecture us on morals considering he supplied a 20 year old woman drugs from which she died whilst in his hotel room.

I have a suggestion to Mr Ablett, stick to talking about something you know – football.

Henry Gooden posted a funny picture which sums up the events nicely, and is also good for a laugh. 🙂

Someone has also updated Gary Ablett Sr’s wikipedia page with the details of his plagiarism.

Big thanks to Martin Pribble who was instrumental in notifying us of the article, and subsequent controversies, via twitter.


Derryn Hinch wrote a good article about Ablett mainly focussing on his moral failings (includes audio of talk back session).

update 2

Jack at Homologous Legs has written a good article with a great headline: Is Ablettogenesis a smooth or crunchy process? in which he covers some of the scientific errors in Ablett’s piece.

Is Ablettogenesis a smooth or crunchy process?



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8 responses to “I’m not a scientist…

  1. I think there might be a hell of a lot of embarrassed Christians out there.

    Was it a slow news day for the Herald Sun?

    • the chaplain

      I think there might be a hell of a lot of embarrassed Christians out there.

      I wish. One thing I’ve learned is that Christians don’t embarrass easily. They don’t have to; the people who should embarrass are “not true Christians,” so their words and deeds do not reveal anything about True Christianity.

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  3. podblack

    Oh, that is just priceless. Thanks for the summary! 😀

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