Atheist Convention – Dinner

The Rise of Atheism Convention dinner – it was worth the money!

Quite a few people had made the time to freshen up and get dressed up for the occasion which was good to see, podblack looked very nice in the dress she’d posted a picture of on the forum a while back. I recall getting in a picture with a bunch of other AFA forum members, thanks to Praxis (who got us a quite a good table) I think that was the only photo taken of me the whole weekend, luckily. šŸ™‚ Met a few more AFA forum members that night as well as a few twitter followers.

Dan Barker was the MC for the evening and also provided us with a brief talk about his conversion from evangelical priest to atheist.

The food was excellent and there was plenty of wine to drink, again the convention staff were very good.

Simon Taylor an illusionist showed us how easy (if you are highly talented like him) it can be to appear to be psychic. He got five volunteers on stage to write the initials of the person they had their first kiss from on a card. He then guessed correctly who had written which initials. He did this by getting the volunteers to lie when asked if the card was theirs and he was able to tell who was lying, very clever. His next trick was to get people to call out numbers, from this he selected the corresponding page and column in a white pages phone book. He then ran his finger down the column until someone shouted ‘stop’, he then got a volunteer to write the number down and show it to the audience. Then he unravelled a scroll of paper that had been wrapped around a stand the whole time, it was the same number!

Non Stamp Collector was the next entertainer and he discussed how he came to produce the Non Stamp Collector cartoons on facebook, he also showed a few of them on the big screen which had us all laughing, even though many of us had seen some of them before.

Last on the entertainment bill were Craig Ruecassel and Julian Morrow from The Chaser who were fucking awesome, worth the price of the ticket alone. I can’t describe their act, suffice to say it was hilarious and thought provoking and included a few clips from Chaser and CNNNN. They managed to poke fun at just about every religious convention and said “too much?” twice, what else need be said?

Staggered back to the hotel for some sleep before the next big day.

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