atheos and the contra gentiles

Finished reading the book “atheos: Without God, Down Under” self published by the Atheist Foundation of Australia (AFA).

A small book, 132 pages, containing essays, short stories and a few poems written by members of the Atheist Foundation of Australia.

A bit ‘hit and miss’, a few good articles and a few not so good. Worth reading for $10 (I’m assuming the proceeds goes to the AFA) but which unfortunately cost me $20 by the time postage and $AUS – $USD was taken into account. If they have it for sale at #atheistcon then I’d recommend people buy it, if for no other reason than you are supporting the AFA, but for $20 I found it too light and not really worth the money.

I did learn a couple of things, including finding out about the book: “the The Summa Contra Gentiles” of Saint Thomas Aquinas from which John Warren quoted this excellent piece:

Custom, especially that which dates from childhood, takes on the force of nature and as a result the things with which the mind has been imbued from childhood take such firm root that it is as if they were naturally known of themselves.

And people have a go at Richard Dawkins for him saying that children should not be indoctrinated from birth in the religion of their parents. Aquinas obviously understood how powerful this could be.

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