Global Atheist Convention Meetups 1

As most of you probably know by now the Atheist Foundation’s 2010 Global Atheist Convention “The Rise of Atheism” starts this weekend.

The Rise of Atheism site has a page with the complete program for the weekend, and there are various other events around this weekend. Additionally a few people have also organised a few meet-ups to get to know each other in a less formal atmosphere (read, any excuse for a drink).

Here’s links to a few of them:

PodBlack Cat has listed a few at her site at the Skeptic Zone At The Global Atheist Convention! including the Russell Blackford and AC Grayling talk on Thursday night at Cinema Nova in Carlton (a short tram ride from the CBD). Following that, a group are planning on having dinner and drinks, details at the facebook page.

PodBlack’s page also has a link to the Atheist Bloggers/Podcasters Breakfast facebook page, plus a few other meet-ups and events.

There is also talk on the Atheist Foundation of Australia forum (you are a member, aren’t you?) of drinks on the Sunday night after the convention closes. I guess that will an informal “OK where’s drinks” spur of the moment event, but check out the forum and here for further information.

One of the forum members has posted a google calendar which lists many more events.

Hope to see you all there.

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4 responses to “Global Atheist Convention Meetups 1

  1. Ben Finney

    All I get when trying to visit those links is a demand to log into some gated community. Can we get information about these meetings on the public internet, instead of requiring submission to the walled garden?

    • erm, sorry about that, perils of facespace; once you’re logged in you forget that not everyone can view those pages. You could always turn to the dark side and get a facebook page. 🙂
      (yes I know it’s a pain)

      • Ben Finney

        That would involve an acceptance of unacceptable AUP terms.

        So, can we have the details of these meetups on the public internet please? Can you, apparently in the loop, prompt the organisers to do this?

  2. enjoy! wish i was there!

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