Raven Test

This is just a test post from offline blogging software – Zoundry Raven. This software is able to be installed as a Portable Application on a USB drive, there is an option for this during installation.

Set up is not quite as easy as Windows Live Writer, Raven doesn’t get all needed components on initial set up. For instance the template for your site has to be downloaded separately. As did the required dictionary for the spell checker (which doesn’t seem to do inline spell checking). What else can it do…

I have no idea what the above thing is (if something is even there), it’s from the “Insert Extended Entry Marker”.

Headings work in an odd way

There seems to be two buttons for inserting headings and other XHTML tags, one marked H1 the other <>

This is a different font in a different colour

Below is a random picture, just to use the image insert and manipulation functions.

pumpkin pie.jpg

Well that’s it for now.


This is a test of editing the blog once it’s been published.

Here’s a link to a review of 15 Desktop/Offline blogging tools.

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