Belief gone bad

Belief in Satan is evidence you have a mental illness.

At least that’s a conclusion one could make from the very sad tale of the youth who stabbed his mother and father, and had planned to kill some classmates.

Mental illness is a huge problem in this country and one that is under-funded and under acknowledged. Not trying to make light of mental illness, but if someone is judged (quite rightly by the sounds of it in this case) to be suffering from a mental illness based at least in part because they acted irrationally in the name of Satanism. Then shouldn’t religious people be considered to have a mental illness if they act irrationally (like by blowing themselves and other up, or by killing a family planning doctor) in the name of God?



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5 responses to “Belief gone bad

  1. There is the issue of what constitutes insanity in general. Many people would say that there’s no way a sane person could, say, rape and kill children. But then many are happy for them to be locked up in a general prison instead of a facility with mental health support / rehabilitation ATTEMPTS… Or just kill em all, right?

    Perhaps the person may not be insane but merely ill-informed and so forged their beliefs that they needed to kill someone because that’s what makes sense to them…

  2. I would assume so. 😛

  3. Jorge

    Not mental illness, just religious zeal. Satanism is just another religion, right?

    With or without religion, good people will do good things and evil people will do evil things. But for good people to do evil things it takes religion, and if the person is a zealot, then anything can happen.

  4. Jamison

    I can see the relation. I find it so ironic how theists will separate themselves from the other religions the ensue more brutal ethics. And they are so rooted on defending it….with feckless detail.

  5. The resurrection of Amazing Grace, this’ll get ’em interested, I bet.


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