I thought I better write another post before I get dumped from Mojoey’s atheist blogroll for not blogging.

I’ve had a lot to say but not enough time to say it, I’ve also lost some of my drive to be out-spoken against the religious community and it’s many vagaries. Additionally by the time I get around to wanting to write about something, I usually find several other bloggers have already discussed the topic, often much better than I could.

So what to talk about?

Well, I guess I should mention the three comments sitting in my ‘pending’ queue. All three received over the last few days have requested that I remove the Lego Mohammed I posted over a year ago. To them and anyone else trying to inhibit free speech I say “Fuck Off”. Don’t expect me to be polite and respect your unqualified beliefs just because you want me to. Don’t think that just because it is of a religious nature it is off limits to criticism and ridicule, particularly when so much of religion is ridiculous and unfounded in the first place.

Not to mention that this is just another classic example of the so-called tolerant Muslim faith we keep hearing about. </sarcasm>

If the Muslim community ever wants to be taken seriously in their attempts to prove to the world that they are a ‘peaceful religion’ then they have to rein in the many radicals who get their noses out of joint every time someone barely mentions Mohammed. They need to lighten up and not get offended and go on the ‘war path’ every time someone depicts Mohammed, he’s not my prophet so why should I care what your rules are about him?

Respect needs to be earned, not forced. I respect various people including many noted scientists and engineers for their brilliant work, they have proved what they have to say and proved their worth. I have yet to see any proof for what most religious “scholars” tell me, and have no respect for  religious people who try and force their (unfounded) beliefs on me.

So religious people if you ever want to be taken seriously, a) show us some evidence for anything you have to say, and b) be a lot more tolerant.



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5 responses to “R E S P E C T

  1. “b) be a lot more tolerant.” I have to second that one!

    Glad to see you post again. Been keeping up with you via Twitter. You sound very busy. I hope you still have time to enjoy what you’re doing.

  2. You need to post more.
    Post more, I say!
    I know where you live!

  3. the chaplain

    I agree with a), but don’t ever expect to see it happen. But, I’d be happy to see b).

  4. Thanks for the feedback Green-Eyed Momster, I think I’ve become a twitaholic.

    Matt – you have me slightly worried

    Chaplain – wouldn’t we all.

    I’ll make a greater effort to post more often, perhaps I should set aside one night a week to blog.

  5. You sound like me when it comes to blogging. Someone always blogs it first and usually better.

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