But Officer, God Made Me Drink

from abc.net.au/news come this story of an Italian priest caught for drink driving.

An Italian priest caught driving over the alcohol limit pleaded to police that it was only because of the Holy Wine he had drunk as part of the mass.

Police rejected the priest’s excuse and revoked his driving licence anyway.

Now the 41-year-old priest is set to appeal against the ruling, saying his alcohol consumption was not “voluntary” since it was part of the Catholic ritual in the four masses that he had celebrated during the day.

What a great excuse! If he gets off the drink driving charge with that pathetic excuse, I’m starting up the Church of the Unholy Pissed Idiots. Where you are encouraged to drink as much as you like, all in the name of religious ritual of course. 😉  Care to join me, bar’s open in 15 minutes…



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4 responses to “But Officer, God Made Me Drink

  1. seantheblogonaut

    Reminds me of a book I have yet to read called God vs the Gavel, on religious privilege under the law.

  2. Encouragement to get pissed as a newt is not enough. It must be Holy Dogma for Pissed Idiots to be sloshed.

  3. I don’t know how much 0.8 grams equates to in terms of BAC percentage, but it seems this guy was volunteering a bit more wine than necessary. I don’t think this would fly in the U.S., but it’s good to have an example ready.

  4. Michael

    Hey Poop………… Suck on my Balls! Any place where they don’t practice Family planning and allow for abortions to limit population should be denied any and all funding! I’m not here to watch population continue to surge at the detriment to the rest of the Planet. OVER-POPULATION IS THE PROBLEM! YOU MOTHER-FUCKING KATHOLICKASS PIECE OF SHIT!

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