National Human Rights Consultation – Public Hearings 1-3 July 2009

As some of you may remember I went to one of the Australian Human Rights Consultation days, which I reported on some while back, well it looks like the next round is on.

From my in-box late yesterday:

As a valued attendee at one of our community round-table discussions, we wanted to let you know about the upcoming Public Hearings for the Consultation, which will be held in the Great Hall at Parliament House from 1 to 3 July 2009.
These Hearings are a continuation of the Consultation process and are designed to provide a forum for key commentators on human rights issues to present information and engage in debate about the protection and promotion of human rights in Australia

Each day will have a different theme:

Day 1How are human rights and responsibilities presently protected and promoted in Australia?

Day 2 – What difference would a Commonwealth charter of human rights make?

Day 3 – How could we better protect human rights and promote responsibilities in Australia?

A range of speakers have been invited to attend to represent the broad spectrum of views on human rights in Australia. We will hear from experts in the field, such as George Williams, Hilary Charlesworth, Julian Leeser and Greg Craven. And we will also hear from a number of ordinary Australians who have provided submissions as part of the Consultation process. If you are interested in attending, there will be opportunities to ask questions of our speakers or to share some of your own views about how we can protect and promote human rights in Australia. A highlight of the Public Hearings will be the Great Debate, where a panel of eminent Australians and academics will debate whether or not Australia needs a charter of rights.

Public Hearings

Where: The Great Hall, Parliament House, Canberra

When: 1 to 3 July 2009

Time: 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm

Register to attend one or more of the sessions for the Public Hearings on our website at  A draft program with names of confirmed speakers and relevant topics to be discussed is available at this site.

Register today to secure your place at this historical event!

Frank Brennan, Mary Kostakidis, Mick Palmer and Tammy Williams


I won’t be able to attend this, but in case any reader is interested and wants to attend I thought I’d post this information. I don’t think you have to have been to any one of the other events to attend this one, so if you’re going to be in Canberra, have some time to spare, and want to find out more about the proposed Australian Human Rights Bill, then why not register to attend.


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