If atheism and religion were sex

If atheism and religion were sex ….

Atheism would be like masturbation – you know you’re there by yourself, but hell, you’re having a good time!

Religion would be like masturbating with a happy face drawn on your hand – it’s still only you, but you like pretending that you’re not alone.

from Crutch of the Weak



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13 responses to “If atheism and religion were sex

  1. DeafAtheist

    I love it!

  2. Good one and so true!

  3. A happy face on the hand is surely better than an old bearded guy above you creepily watching. lol

    Nicely put!

  4. Welcome to all the new readers.

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  6. the chaplain


  7. seantheblogonaut

    I got nothing Oz, good one.

  8. New here… and, may I say, an excellent post to come in on.

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