Stephen Conroy in Egypt?

It would almost seem to be that our “Minister for all thing internet censorship related” the *cough* honourable *cough* Stephen Conroy has been assisting the Egyptians.

A court in Cairo has issued a ruling that bans pornographic websites in Egypt, state news agency Mena reports.

The Administrative Court in Cairo has ordered the government to block the “venomous and vile” sites in response to a case filed by a Muslim lawyer. from BBC News

I wonder if that lawyer knows Stephen?

From my reading of the article it looks like a very odd case. One person has managed to convince the courts that porn should be banned on the Egyptian Internet. But, the government (which would actually have to uphold that law and force the ISPs to comply) has had nothing to do with the case. Though as the article points out, the government is now in a difficult position:

The decision can be appealed in a higher court, but would put the government in the awkward position of being seen to defend pornography…

It always worries me that one person, or a small group of people, can have such an influence on the rest of society. And it always seems to be the religious that are that person or small group.

Religious people why can’t you just stay in your churches, I’m happy to stay out of them.


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One response to “Stephen Conroy in Egypt?

  1. seantheblogonaut

    I am surprised they can get porn in Eygypt it would have to be one of the most monitored states in the Middle east surely. But perhaps that’s just politics.

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