I’m Not Quite Human

According to Cardinal Cormack Murphy-O’Connor, who recently asserted that secularists and atheists are not totally human if they leave out the “transcendent”.

The Cardinal believes everyone has an innate search for god, thus if you don’t have one then you not a fully developed human being.

I’d counter that and say you are not a fully evolved human until your mind has awakened to the realisation that the likely-hood of there being any gods is so improbable as to be effectively nil.

When the majority of humanity finally comes to the eventual realisation that there probably are no gods then the human race may finally get on with what we are really here for.


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10 responses to “I’m Not Quite Human

  1. You’re sort of funny actually. You rant about and again people of faith, but you allude to a Divine power that has set forth an agenda for Man by saying, “[sic]…then the human race may finally get on with what we are really here for.”

    So which is it? Is there nothing but a fleshly existence that is doomed to oblivion, or is their Divine purposes that Man must / should fulfill?

    • No allusion at all, only the allusion you want to see, possibly for the exact same reason that the Cardinal has.

      There is no “divine agenda for man” there is only the agenda we want to make for ourselves, whatever that may be.

      I left the open-ended statement what we are really here for to prompt readers to suggest ideas.

      I in no way think we are here as some sort of ‘playthings’ for gods, or that our sole purpose is to devote our lives to worshiping some mythical god(s) in the hope of going to some non-existent ‘heaven’. That seems such a pointless existence.

  2. seantheblogonaut


    I would not describe Oz’s post as a rant. He is objecting to the Cardinals claim that he and I for that matter are effectively subhuman.

    A claim I find distinctly worrying. I don’t view theists as subhuman, misguided, wrong but not subhuman.

    That you look past what the cardinal is saying is interesting to say the least.

    Do you agree with the cardinal? Are we subhuman? Or did you just jump at the chance to try and fit Oz into one of the much overused canards of Theist rhetoric?

  3. polednice

    What laughable statements on the part of the cardinal. What he doesn’t realise is actually quite how right he is, but how he pulls the wool over his own eyes.

    And was set forth brilliantly by Andy Thomson (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iMmvu9eMrg) at the American Atheists Convention this year, there is indeed a fundamental search in human nature – caused by our psychological evolution – for the ‘transcendent’ and God.

    However, as we have the ability to analyse these mixed-up origins of a false desire for the supernatural, we can in fact realise that religion is an unwanted by-product of other parts of humanity and we will only be truly human when we all begin to realise how the brain works and thus shun religion, as it is nothing more than an accident caused by the lethal cocktail of evolution + self-conscious awareness.

  4. i am choosing to interpret the good cardinal’s rant as meaning that, being an atheist, i am superhuman, rather than merely human.

    life’s way better here in my head.

  5. Sean,

    Yes, I agree with the Cardinal’s statement as far as it went. I’m not, however, wiling to go so far as to say that worshiping any particular deity – or any deity at all – is the sign of humanity though.

    If one has no quest for understanding of what is more than Man – the transcendent if you will – then one is just an animal that has been crafted into the shape of Man.

  6. I’m “A” super human! You should see all that I accomplished on my vacation!!

    That Cardinal is crazy…..

  7. the chaplain

    If I wanted to be nasty, I’d respond that anyone who refuses to have sex, and who actively urges others not to have sex, so that he/she/they may devote their lives to serving God, is not fully human. Moreover, sex may be one of humankind’s most sublime, transcendent experiences.

    But, I’m not nasty, so I wouldn’t respond that way at all. 😉

  8. yes, that cardinal is crazy.

    I can’t believe the presumptuous, prejudicial things that come out of the mouths of people in religious power!

    For me, once I slogged through all the religious crap I was finally able to become the spiritual human that I am happy to be today!

    Certainly, not really what you meant, my friend, but as we have agreed to disagree I know you understand!

  9. seantheblogonaut


    Thanks for the clarification. I find the Cardinal narrow minded, and ill informed. He confused secularists with atheists. He assumes that we we don’t have a sense of something larger and more important than ourselves.

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