Pull the Plug… on idiots

I may have stumbled upon the most hilarious website ever, however the deluded idiot(s) that runs it thinks they are clever.

via aweisbe on twitter, I came across the news that a group called ‘Living Waters’ are running a billboard campaign calling to “Pull the Plug on Atheism

Would this deter you from atheism?
Would this deter you from atheism?

At the cost of $6,000/month that’s a lot of money to waste on a sign that doesn’t even make sense; as schwinn said:

I do like the idea of a bunch of dumb-asses paying $6000 a month for such a lame billboard

It would have been nice if they’d had a bigger, clearer picture so we could make out all the wording, but as best as I can read it, the sign says:


Someone who believes that nothing made everything

A scientific impossibility

With a picture of what looks like Charles Darwin

So what is so wrong with this sign? Firstly what is with the picture of Darwin? Darwin’s theories have nothing to do with atheism, the beginning of the universe or the beginning of life. So his picture is completely irrelevant.

Secondly science is still debating if there ever was a “nothing”. If the universe was created from nothing, the mere fact the universe exists is proof that something can be created from “nothing”. The beginning of the universe is not so much an impossibility but something science just doesn’t understand… yet.

Which leads me to the obvious alternative billboard (based on what I’m assuming the billboard sponsors believe).


Someone who believes a god made everything from nothing

A scientific impossibility

The theists that thought up the wording for their billboard accuse atheists of having a scientific impossibility but then believe an even greater impossibility that some sky-god (for which there is zero corroborative evidence) created everything from nothing. Theists also find it perfectly plausible that their sky-god has always been there and nothing created it. So if their god has always been there, then why can’t the universe have always been there?

Thirdly, it amused me that these theists are trying to sound scientific on their billboard, sciences requires a good grasp of logic, something the author of that billboard obviously lacks.

So, I decided to have a look at some more of the site in question. That’s when I found it is another site of Ray Comfort’s. Say no more. From the Home page:

Free articles and resources by best-selling author and TV co-host Ray Comfort that will help you to pull the plug on the rising tide of atheism.

Ray it’s not so much a rising tide of atheism, but a rising tide of humans awakening to the sensible idea that there are probably no gods.

I started reading some of the articles on Ray’s abysmal site but after a brief while the stupid became too much and I had to stop reading. My irony meter melted and the cognitive dissonance was warping my logic cells.

For instance I clicked on this page: “you can lead an atheist to evidence but you can’t make him thinkirony_meter

HA Ha Ha, Ray Comfort you are freakin hilarious, talk about the “pot calling the kettle black”. I think you may find Ray that it is the theists who when shown mountains of evidence refuse to believe any of it, because they only believe what’s in the bible. Theists may think, but they refuse to think they may be wrong; and considering there is no evidence for god, gods or anything supernatural then I think it is the theists who are clearly not thinking.

If Ray’s best argument against atheism is “god did it” then he needs to think a little harder. For instance he has a go at PZ Myers for saying “that the universe wasn’t ‘made,’ by a ‘who,’ either.” Ray’s assumption that there was a creator, leads him to erroneously ask this question of Myers:

Here now is a big mystery. He doesn’t know how the universe got here, but he somehow knows that the Creator wasn’t a “who.” How does he know that? Does he have some inside information?

I’d suspect Myer’s “knows” that in the sense that the possibility that there was some mythical “creator” is so remote as to be not worth considering. For instance I could say I “know” that gravity will always cause  an object to fall to the ground. However, using your twisted logic Ray I suppose I can’t say I “know” that for sure because perhaps some magic creature might make the object  rise.  I also suspect that Myer’s “knows” that the universe wasn’t “made” because there is absolutely no evidence for any intelligent design within the universe.

So where is your “inside information” Ray that there is a “Creator”, we’d all love to see that. And if you reply with “the bible” or “in my heart” then you seriously need to reconsider your answer.

Please someone, ‘pull the plug’ on Ray Comfort’s idiotic web site.

Feel free to check out Ray’s site, but …

You have been warned!



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13 responses to “Pull the Plug… on idiots

  1. Chris Mayer

    I alternate between thinking Comfort is really that stupid, and that he is a brilliant troll for traffic to his site. Given that he still gets a large number of non believers commenting on the site, I guess I have a slight lean to the latter.

  2. Hank

    “…Myer’s…” It’s “Myers” 🙂

    Dear old Ray. He’s been a favourite atheist/rational person’s punching bag for a while now (even normal everyday moderate Christians think he’s a cock)! He started getting a public Jesus hard-on in his home of NZ many years ago. But after a while he realised he couldn’t make a living selling his bullshit to the locals, so he hit the biggest religious idiot market in the world – the US – and it looks like lots of religidiots are giving him their dole cheques. Hey, if he wants to spend his cash marketing to the choir, let him. 6K a month could have you a nice house or a killer portfolio; this wanker may as well piss it up the wall for all the good his billboard will do him. Don’t hate him, pity him. He’s a fucking idiot.

  3. What a waste of money! I could really use $6,000 a month! I think I’ve seen it all now! I wish we could just pull the plug on idiots!
    Now, if the sign said “There’s probably NO GOD. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” That sign would not be a waste of money and worth every cent!

  4. What a site. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. Did you read some of the ‘articles’? His understanding of both the atheist position and science is woeful.
    You’ll never ‘pull the plug’ on the idiots (afterall, freedom of choice means we can all believe whatever we choose) – but we can educate coming generations how to think, not what to think!

  5. tenquid

    Well said, Oz. This guy is a moron. I love watching morons like him flail about. No sentient being could possibly believe this shit.

  6. aweisbe

    My friend Doug Krueger has been watching Comfort for years. Here are some of his observations:

    Ray Comfort is a hack from New Zealand who wrote a book a few years ago called
    “God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists.” It purports to tell you how to refute
    atheists, but it also says on the back cover that there aren’t any.

    To give you an idea of the level of Comfort’s intellect:

    Comfort claims that evolutionists hold that the male spider and the female
    spider evolved separately and that they just coincidentally happen to be able to
    mate successfully.

    Comfort had a section in his book “God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists” in which he
    offered a $1,000 reward for anyone who can show an example of a Bible error.

    Comfort is also the creationist who famously said that evolution is tantamount
    to asserting that a bunch of Coca Cola was in a cylindrical shape and that some
    metal just happened to form around it to form a Coke can.

  7. the chaplain

    Comfort’s site is amusing. Are we sure he’s not actually pulling an elaborate POE and laughing all the way to the bank?

  8. I think of bananas when I think of Ray comfort.

  9. Chris Mayer

    Oh boy, do check out his latest post on evolution, he really does outdo himself.

  10. Can you imagine the shit storm a “pull the plug on Christianity” sign would create?

  11. lol

    As of today 5/7 it’s been torn down. Just an empty plywood backing now. Either they ran out of tithing money (unlikely) or someone got sick of Christians spreading hatred against their fellow humans.

  12. Morgan-LynnGriggs Lamberth

    Folks, we new atheists need to state this: no god has the right to use us as clay or sheep, deserves no worshipper and wouldn’t want any anyway and has the duty to put us in a safe place- a one-way street.This denies the divine rights of divinity! This goes to the jugular of theism.
    We need to lay bare Yeshua’s silliness and evil-mindedness! He was another Jim Jones- no evidence for his miracles and goodness overall.

  13. Gugu

    I grew up with people like this. They told me not to listen to my science teachers :/
    you can’t apply logic it’s hopeless.

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