Well They Are …

Cruel and Racist that is. Who, you may ask? The State of Israel, that’s who.

For some unknown reason to me Israel always appears to be able to say and do whatever it wants with little condemnation from the rest of the world. Sure, some Jews over the years have been persecuted (I’m certainly no Holocaust denier) and demonized, but in general I’d say the State of Israel has done rather well, especially during the last 60 years with the assistance of countries like the UK and USA.

So when Israel threatens a country like Iran, is it so surprising the Iranian President verbals Israel and calls it a “cruel and racist regime”? Both of these countries accuse each other of being racist, violent, terrorist regimes, but I ask; which one has one of the most lethal spy agencies in the world? Which one has a very strong military with numerous high tech long range weapons? Which one has walled up a whole Nation State (a move once done by some other country which was condemned by most of the rest of the world (and eventually brought down))? Which one seems determined, and has to a great extent achieved, to completely eradicate another country? Which one is known to have extensive nuclear technology and highly likely to have nuclear long range weapons? Which one believes it has a God given right to totally own a particular piece of land no matter what? Finally, which one gets support to do all these things from numerous westernized countries?

I’ll give you a clue, it starts with I but doesn’t end in N.

Now I’m not saying Iran is a wonderful country and it’s leaders are glorious people. What I do question is, why does Israel get a “free ride”, what makes Iran so much worse than Israel? Personally I think both countries are doing a lot of things wrong and have agendas that threaten, not only neighbouring countries, but possibly the whole world (just ask a few Fundamentalist “End Of World / Armageddon” Christians who they side with and what they wish for), but, to me at least, Israel seems to be the country doing the most harm at the present.

What we need is unbiased reporting, and unbiased acceptance and/or accusations from the rest of the world leaders. What we need to hear is both sides of the story. Which country do we really have the most to fear from, which countries religious beliefs are causing the most harm?

I don’t really know the answers to all these questions, but I am sure neither side is innocent and neither side really has the higher moral ground to be accusing the other of being cruel, racist regimes.

What do you think? What is really happening in the Middle East? How much has this got to do with underlying religious beliefs? More questions for which I don’t really know the answers, but am open to responses.

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3 responses to “Well They Are …

  1. Chooky

    I have to agree with you – totally. I have always wondered why after World War 2 the Jews weren’t given their bit of land in Germany. I mean – wasn’t it the German people who persecuted them? Why Palestine? I suppose when delusional people claim that god gave them their land and this is their right, what can you say to that? This peeves me so much. When 3 groups of superstitious people have their ‘holy land’ in the one spot what do you expect? We were in Berlin last year and visited the Holocaust Memorial. It was big. Very big. The first thought was “what about the Gypsies or Atheists or Homosexuals”? They do have their memorials but why do the Jews get special treatment with one that takes up an entire block? I know some people will think I am racist or anti-jew for saying what I am saying but this is exactly the point you are getting across about free-reign. While we are on the subject the same goes with christians and their hatred towards groups like Homosexuals. Why do they get away with the crap that comes out of their mouth but have a big cry – boo f’n hoo – when reasoning and intelligence goes against their beliefs? I just shake my head at hatred and racism by those that preach that they have the ‘moral standing’ in society. Twats.

  2. Israel gets a free ride from the American establishment because the restoration of Israel and the building of a new Temple are essential to the second coming of Jesus. If a World War III happens, many American Christians hope that Israel is right in the middle of it, flinging fire and brimstone (sorry, the 20 or so tritium-straw enriched nuclear weapons stored in parts (that way, they can honestly say they do not have actual weapons)) around the Middle East, thus creating the proper scenario for Armeggedon.

    Another reason they get a free ride is that they are one of three partially functional democracies in the area (the other two being the theocratic democracy of Iran and the secular democracy of Turkey). Even disfunctional democracies are (usually) preferable to dictatorships.

    The third reason Israel gets a free ride is a holdover from the cold war. Remember, the USSR voted to create Israel. Then, as the US supported Israel, the Soviets decided that they could get lots and lots of support (and, hopefully, converts to communism) by helping the enemies of Israel. This is why Israel tends to have US weapons, while many of the Islamic nations have ex-soviet weapons (there are exceptions, of course: Iran has many US weapons from the days of the Shah (including a bunch of F-15s which won’t fly because of a combination of sabatoge by the American contractors in the late 70s and lack of spare parts), and Saudi Arabia (who had the money to buy weapons outright rather than begging for them)): Egypt, Iraq, Libya, etc all still have extensive inventories of 1960s and 1970s vintage soviet weapons.

    I think that collective post-holocaust guilt helped in the creation of Israel, but does not explain the continued kid-glove treatment. Adding in cold war history, the democracy bias and last but not least, the Christianist end-of-the-worlders (including our previous President, George W. Bush) helps to flesh out the reasons for Israeli exceptionalism.

    Sorry for the long post, occupational hazard.

  3. I had a rather heated discussion with a friend over the treatment of the Palestinians in Israels last bit of preemptive self defense.

    Its funny when you look a little more into the creation of the state of Israel to find that some prominent politicians were terrorists who caried out hotel bombings against the british in the 30’s-40’s.

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