In the news (last week)

What I would have discussed last week if I’d had the time and inclination.

Safran ‘crucifixion’ offends villagers

Devout Christian followers of Good Friday’s crucifixion rituals in the rural Philippines village of Kapitangan were devastated to learn that John Safran‘s nailing to the cross alongside local penitents was a TV comedy show stunt.

Safran actually had nails hammered through his hands for this show, talk about suffering for your art.

Young couple shot dead for trying to elope

A Taliban firing squad killed a young couple in south-western Afghanistan for trying to elope, …

The Taliban, Sahria Law, religion a law unto itself, and very unjust laws they are.

Pell backs Pope in saying condoms worsen AIDS spread

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney said on morning television yesterday that condoms “encourage promiscuity” and were not the solution to the AIDS epidemic.

“The idea that you can solve a great spiritual and health crisis like AIDS with a few mechanical contraptions like condoms is ridiculous,” he said on Sky News.

Proving Pell is just as stupid and ignorant as the Pope. AIDS isn’t a spiritual problem it’s a health problem, and one of the best methods of preventing it, if you are engaged in an active sex life (as eventually just about everyone gets involved in; like it or not) is to use a condom.

Pakistan seals sharia deal

Pakistan’s President has signed an accord to put some of the country under Islamic law as part of efforts to end a Taliban insurgency despite fears it would encourage extremism.

If you can’t beat them, let them have their own way. Since when is that a good model of government?

“Encourage extremism”, like shooting a couple because they want to elope (see above), of course you are going to encourage extremism if you legitimise the Taliban.

Word Up, Christendom!

A witty satirical Easter message.

An Easter re-think on miracles

Another opinion piece about Easter.

If the life of Jesus is going to be questioned alongside Santa and the Easter Bunny, perhaps it’s time religious leaders took a more flexible view of the Bible and those who read it differently.

What do Jesus, Santa and the Easter Bunny have in common? None of them are real.

I know several of these article relate to Easter, which was a week ago, but better late than never I guess.

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4 responses to “In the news (last week)

  1. My favorite John Safran is still the mormon one. Even if he is a bit of a loon.

  2. At least I only lied to the kids about two out of the three. That DOES count for something, doesn’t it?

  3. One would think that anybody nailing themselves to a cross to mimic their saviour, rather than performing the good works was blasphemous – “see I can be just like jesus”.

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