Guide to Australian Internet

How the internet works according to Senator Conroy and his Internet Filter.


Internet filter flow chart courtesy of (well, OK, I stole it. Hope they don’t mind too much?)

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5 responses to “Guide to Australian Internet

  1. I thought it was more:
    “you want to use internet?”
    “Won’t Someone Think of The Children?”

  2. seantheblogonaut

    I love it saw it on Crikey first and after Conroy’s performance tonight I’d say its close to the mark.

  3. Seriously? Wow!

    Off topic:
    Good luck on Sunday. Are you going to post about how you did? I hope so!

  4. the chaplain

    Your Senator Conroy must be using the same as technology as former US Senator Ted Stevens. Unfortunately, the 2-D format of the graph doesn’t quite capture Stevens’ conception of the Internet as a series of tubes. It’s lacking just a bit without that third dimension.

  5. This looks like some of the decision flow charts at my federal agency. Im trying to find it, but years ago, we created one in my office in which it was impossible to arrive at any answer other than “no.” Somehow, some of your Aussie politicians appear to have gotten ahold of it. Sorry.

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