Test a Bad Habit, New Sin or Guilty Pleasure for a few weeks.

Austin Cline from, has come up with a great idea for atheists this Lent.

Lent is the penitential period of 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter when Christians fast and do penance in preparation for Easter.

So what’s in it for us atheists?

If Christians do penance for their sins, you can rack up new “sins” by test driving new material, physical pleasures.

Austin has some ideas to start you off:

  1. Try Out New Signature Cocktails
  2. Try a Greasy or Fattening Food
  3. Experiment Sexually
  4. Try a Dangerous Hobby
  5. Experiment with a New Genre of Music
  6. Test Your Clothing Comfort Zone
  7. Rent Some Low-Brow Movies
  8. Play Hooky and Treat Yourself
  9. Dump Your Email In-box

I’m sure you can think up many more.

As Austin says:

This life is the only one we have, so expand your comfort zone by trying new things.

According to Lent in 2009 will start on Wednesday, the 25th of February and will continue for 46 days until Saturday, the 11th of April. So we are already 10 days into it, only 36 more days of “sinning” to go, so you better start now (if you haven’t already 😉 ).

So dear readers what new “sins” are you going to indulge in this “Lent”?



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8 responses to “Anti-Lent

  1. Maybe I’ll just try to enjoy my life without many restrictions!! That should piss them off!! 🙂

    I like the list but I’ll skip a couple of them for personal reasons!

  2. I’m in with #3. Who wants to play along?

  3. Joe

    I didn’t wait for lent to play hooky from work. But I think I’ll take a few “sick” days before Easter just on principle.

  4. My brother and sister-in-law told me they were giving up god for lent. 😉

  5. I’m all for trying new signature cocktails!

  6. novparl

    How about taking up smoking, especially in public?
    Or drunk driving?
    Or (bit late now) going to the Mardy Gras and picking up a boyfriend with aids? Or Penny Wong (Christian).
    Or (in rural Victoria) leaving the tap running.
    Or going swimming in Sinny harbor to play with the sharx?
    Or committing incest?

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