Another example of why religion is so fucked up

Normally I’m not quite so abusive about religion but this story just highlights the despicable nature that religion can become.

Brazil’s influential Catholic Church raged against an abortion carried out on a nine-year-old girl who had been pregnant with twins after allegedly being raped by her stepfather.

An archbishop for the northern region where the termination was conducted, Father Jose Cardoso Sobrinho, said the church was excommunicating all those responsible for the abortion: the medical team and the girl’s mother. from

So this little child gets raped and the only thing their church can do is excommunicate those responsible for the abortion. No mention of excommunicating the odious excuse for a person that raped the child. I understand having an abortion is not to be taken lightly, but not only was this child raped and is only nine years old, but

The operation [was carried out] because of doctors’ fears the slender girl might die if she carried the foetuses to term

But the Catholic Church still thinks it’s a crime to have an abortion. Hey dickheads what about the crime of letting the child, and quite likely the baby, die during childbirth?

The odious excuse for a person that raped this nine year old child is a very despicable excuse for a human being, he also allegedly sexually abused the girl’s physically handicapped 14-year-old sister. Still no mention of excommunication for him. The Catholic Church really has it’s priorities all wrong.

Now to you and I excommunication might not seem such a big deal, but from my (limited) research and discussions with Catholics, excommunication can be a very severe form of punishment. In very Catholic communities excommunicated people can become pariahs and be shunned by their family and friends, this could be very devastating to those who have been excommunicated.

That’s a problem with a dogmatic religion which refuses to modernise, change or accommodate for extenuating circumstances, they are completely out-of-touch with modern society; and some might say out-of-touch with reality.

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22 responses to “Another example of why religion is so fucked up

  1. bizybee

    I read this article yesterday. It is absolutely shocking. Religion is poison.

  2. Not an atheist, but I so agree. My spin is different, but my disgust as strong as yours and the previous commenter’s.

  3. It is stories like this that make me angry at those christians who say “well my religion isn’t like that, and most aren’t”. Too fucking bad, I want to tell them. Those so called “normal” christians are the ones who should be the most pissed off at this kind of thing, and they should be fighting it harder than anyone.

  4. Make me sick, and yes, makes me PISSED! IMHO all catholic priests should be excommunicated, because I’m pretty sure their all a bunch of close minded dogmatic bastards.

  5. Oh those poor little girls. The 9 year old and the 14 year old will be scarred for life. What a horrible shame.

    Off topic: I have another award for you.
    You deserve it!

  6. That is why the Catholic Church prefers altar boys! Altar boys never ever get pregnant!


    Beast FCD

  7. Welcome all new readers.

    I’d never thought of it that way Beast FCD, perhaps you have discovered one of their secrets. ** snerk ** 😆

  8. arthurvandelay

    Shorter Catholicism: hating women for Jesus.

  9. Chooky

    This must be the turning point where all catholics look at themselves and wonder what they have been following is wrong. Just wrong. If it wasn’t the sex scandals and paedophilia, then surely this is the latest sickening thing that exposes them for who they really are. What will the followers do now? I would love to see them just walk out of their churches in droves and leave this evil institution. It is time a message was sent to the puppeteers that this thing cannot and must not be tolerated. Pricks.

    • problem is they are so indoctrinated most of them don’t care.

      comment threading has been enabled on this blog, now you can reply directly to someone else’s comment. (as per this example)

  10. The Everyday Atheist

    Doesn’t it say somewhere in the Bible-suffer the little children? In this case, they’re really out doing themselves.

  11. This is such a sad and stupid story. It makes me want to tear my eyes out with a folded piece of paper that has the words “Why does the Catholic Church still have followers?” written on it.

  12. update to this story

    A senior vatican cleric has defended the excommunication, full story here.

    H/T to Library Grape

  13. Oyvey! You’d think they would learn to shut the stupid cardinals up

  14. christine

    religion is fucked.. it is amazing how ignorant the world is, it makes me feel so sick just thinking about it.

  15. if the step father could do such a thing I am pretty sure being excommunicated is quite meaningless to him. Also excommunication today does not carry the weight it used to. Okay, the cardinal was wrong here full stop. I don’t think a 9 year old girl is ready to be a parent. But I must add the doctors might have also been pushing their own agenda here.
    Yes, I am a Catholic and I think contraception and a lot of other thinks disapproved by catholic doctrine are fine. The church still has many good points and someone’s got to stop the spread of Islam which is far worse that Catholicism in my humble opinion. .

    • I don’t think the thousands of people tortured and killed during the Catholic Inquisition would agree with your last statement. Just saying.

    • doodlebug

      A 9 year old girl is probably not ready to be a parent? What a strange thing to say. Do you think she wanted to be a parent? How about her disabled sister, she was 14, is she ready to be a parent? And of course the doctors will always be pushing their own agenda, like treating illness and saving lives! Yes and we mustn’t forget the enemy, Islam. Yet again a religous follower preaches love and understanding and practises hate and fascism!

      • Hello

        I believe all religion is bull. Although I agree with Zephyr that Islam is the one we should all be worrying about the most. Islam is dangerous and I would take Catholicism or Christianity before that any day.
        Moral of the story – Its all fantasy stories written by humans for other humans to blindly follow.

  16. Yusuf Salih

    Long live Atheisim.

  17. Religion of all sorts totally fuck up this world today, causing wars, friend against friend and families against families. I now hate all religions with a passion, I never was like this, I could once tolerate religion as long as it was never pushed upon me but now it’s none at all for me and now think it totally sucks.

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