Grower’s Worst

Eating breakfast wondering what I might blog about today, opened the local rag and was bemused by the quote below the picture of the man in the advert for Grower’s Best (a fruit and veg shop in Newcastle).


click on pic to view in full size

This is what he has to say”

“Say the Lord’s Prayer with your heart and feel the Love and Forgiveness. The perfect modern human tonic.”

WTF? Why is a greengrocer asking us to say the Lord’s Prayer? WTF has religion got to do with selling fruit and veggies?

So there I am eating breakky and wondering WTF? when I notice the rest of the advert. Underneath the heading is this little gem:

The housewife’s Best Friend –
What you save girls, at Growers Best, shout yourselves at the jeweller.

Another WTF? moment for me. Is it just me or is that a little bit sexist?

I was left trying to wonder who Grower’s Best demographic is, obviously not me a male atheist.

All in all a rather odd advertisement. At least it gave me something to blog about.

Note to self, never buy anything from that shop.

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2 responses to “Grower’s Worst

  1. I won’t buy anything from that shop either. He’s probably growing pot on the side. This stuff is just a cover up! LOL!!

  2. “I will buy your fruit and vegetables but I won’t pay you. It is all part of God’s plan for me to have these goods for free. If you think God wants me to pay, then pray to him and he should make me do it.”

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