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or, somewhere someone is having a worse day than you.

Not far from where I live is a large regional hospital, as such it has a large emergency unit. Coupled to that unit are various ambulance and rescue services, in particular the Westpac rescue helicopter service. Quite often I hear the helicopter going overhead, in fact I just did (well at least I did two nights ago when I started this blog post), which is what reminded me to finally write this.

My personal life has had some ‘rather ordinary moments’ of late, (and which to some extent are still on-going). Recently whilst on a short jog (and thinking how my life had turned to shit) the rescue chopper flew overhead. I looked up and thought, “if you need the rescue chopper then you must be in serious trouble”. Kind of put my life and troubles into perspective, perhaps things aren’t as bad as I perceive?

Australia has recently had some natural disasters; floods in Queensland, fires in Victoria and NSW (though apparently some of those were caused by arsonists), and the people affected have had a horrible time.

So even though I am having a rather ‘awkward’ time at the moment, it’s nothing compared to a lot of other people.

Which got me to thinking ( a dangerous pastime. lol )

I have heard, and in the past used, the phrase “There but for the grace of God go I”. Which basically translates to ‘god has looked after me but not that other unfortunate person’.

I bet the unfortunate person isn’t thinking quite the same thing.

Also, that phrase is rather selfish, don’t you think?

And what sort of god would go “I’ll strike this person down with x problem, but strike that other person down with the more horrible y problem”? It often seems rather random, sometimes really nice and decent people have such horrible things happen to them, whilst horrible people seem to ‘get away with murder’. Surely there is no god that governs these happenings?

So despite what may be happening to you, there is, quite likely, someone else having a worse time. Whilst I know this is difficult to accept when the “shit” is happening to you, at least these days I realise that it isn’t because god has smiled on me rather than some other poor bastard.

Remember next time you think life is as bad as it gets, look up in the sky. Is that a helicopter transporting someone who has just had their life ruined in a tragic accident, or just your reflection?

This essay is a sort of follow-on from a previous one – Never put your cashews to the side. Blog catharsis feels good.

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6 responses to “The Helicopter

  1. the chaplain

    Very nice post. It’s easy to dive into self-pity when life doesn’t go quite the way we want it to go. As you pointed out, most of the stuff we have to deal with is trivial compared to what can happen.

  2. I truly hope life starts treating you better soon. Whenever I start to feel shitty about my health and life crap I just go visit my in-laws. I see my MIL’s catheter bag hanging on her bed and think about her crappy bed sores and the fact that her husband is leaving for Samoa soon for at least a year because he is stupid and has to and I’m good for a while of no self pity.

    Feel better my blog friend.

  3. A friend’s husband is having complications from surgery, a family friend of a co-worker’s just passed away today. All the people in Australia who’ve been affected by recent events puts my problems in perspective but if there is a God, I want to kick his ass some days. Seriously, I’ll never understand why he would let such horrible things happen to such good people, hint, hint! I almost wish there was someone to blame. It might make me feel better, it might not!
    I’m so sorry that you are going through tough times. I hope that things get better for you soon!
    Isn’t your Fun Run coming up soon?

  4. @Traceytreasure

    Fun Run? I don’t think there is such a thing. I run from danger, that’s about it. 🙂

  5. I totally agree Poodles…totally agree!!

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