Love Stinks

Valentines day today, like I give a toss. Over hyped, over commercialised, just another day to sell flowers,  chocolate and tacky greeting cards.

So you give them a card, buy them flowers, chocolate, expensive jewellery; and what do they do?

Throw it all back in your face and treat you like shit.

Anyway it’s all about celebrating a bunch of Christian Martyrs, so why should I care about valentines day?

The sooner it’s February 15 the better, then I won’t have to keep hearing all the lovey dovey crap in all the media.

now wheres that smiley for ‘bitter and twisted’?’

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12 responses to “Love Stinks

  1. arthurvandelay

    You’d hate Japan, Oz. They effectively have two Valentine’s Days—one in February and one in March.

  2. baldsue

    Amen! (heh, heh)

    Unfortunately it’s still the 13th here so I have more VD crapola to listen to.

  3. the chaplain

    Well, I don’t agree that love stinks, but I do agree that Valentine’s Day has nothing to with love and everything to do greed.

  4. Ditto what The Chaplain said.
    Take care!

  5. Ditto the chaplain.

    Happy VD anyway.

  6. Joe

    Ugh, just another Hallmark holiday. I guess I’m not the romantic sort.

  7. seantheblogonaut

    I spent the day taking clients on a trip to a local park, gave them all valentines day gifts.

  8. @ Sean, you old romantic you.

  9. Could be worse, Oz.

    Right-wing extremist Hindus in India are attacking VD celebrants, to the point where some fed up with the Hindu Taliban organised a defence force, armed with pepper spray and martial arts, to kick ass and take names where the Hindu extremist Sri Ram Sena (Lord Ram’s Army) have taken it upon themselves to beat young women and couples whose morals they don’t think are up to scratch…

  10. @ weez, yeah I’ve been reading a bit about that around the net. Podblack had an interesting article the other day, something about pink underwear.

  11. arthurvandelay

    Women across India have taken to sending pink underwear to the right-wing fucktard, who incidentally was being held in police custody throughout the Valentine’s season. Exposed to the nation as a religious thug, he is now disavowing the violence he was previously calling for.

  12. On the other hand, I had quite an enjoyable Valentines Day with my girl. Wouldn’t give that up for quids!

    But yeah, the whole thing is over commercialised.

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