Happy Birthday Charles Darwin

Happy Darwin Day all.

Happy Darwin Day

Happy Darwin Day

To all those that have problems accepting the Theory of Evolution because they think “it’s only a theory”. Do you also have a problem accepting Gravitational Theory or the Theory of Relativity?

Here’s something for those that can’t accept that the theory of evolution is a valid theory:

You're Friggin Special

You're Friggin Special

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9 responses to “Happy Birthday Charles Darwin

  1. Happy Darwin Day to you too!

  2. the chaplain

    Happy Darwin Day to all, and to all a good night!

  3. Onotheo

    Happy Darwin Day 🙂

  4. DB

    Happy Darwin Day. I agree, creationists are friggin special.

  5. Chook

    Yes. Happy Darwin Day! Thanks mate for giving us a real, believable, rational, scientific explanation of the natural world. Love your work.

  6. Happy 200th Birthday to BOTH great liberator: Darwin and Lincoln!

  7. novparl

    Yes, I do have a problem with gravity & relativity. See the extensive work on the ToE – Theory of Everything.

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