Win or Lose

It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.

Then again, even if you lose you can still proclaim that you won. Just ask Senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniya, who announced on Sunday

the war with Israel amounted to a “great victory” for the Palestinians

I’d hate to be there when they lost. When more than 1,300 of your people were killed, untold injured, and large parts of your infrastructure destroyed, I guess the fact that there are still some Palestinians left is a victory, of sorts?

Not only does Haniya think the recent war with Israel was a victory for the Palestinians, but he also thought

“God has granted us a great victory, not for one faction, or party, or area, but for our entire people,” from

Methinks that if I was God and on the side of the Palestinians I would have made their “victory” a bit more substantial. Maybe I would have caused the hundreds of Israeli missiles to misfire or perhaps turn around and blow up great swathes of Israel rather than destroying large parts of what’s left of Palestine? Maybe as God I would have found a way to prevent hundreds of innocent people and their homes being blown to bits, and maybe the death toll for the Palestinians wouldn’t have been a hundred times more than the death toll for the Israelis? But meh, what would I know? I’m not God and I don’t move in mysterious ways (except sometimes when I’m on the dance floor). If I was God I think I’d be a lot more omnipotent and obvious than the one some people reckon exists.

I don’t know about you, but if there is a God and he’s helping one side, doesn’t he appear to be helping the Israelis?

The cognitive dissonance of religious people staggers me sometimes.



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6 responses to “Win or Lose

  1. The Vicar

    If there were a god, and that god was helping the Israelis, then it would only be fair to assume that god has changed sides since 2006. Maybe god just like Lebanon?

  2. I am mostly worried that this is a war that everyone will lose in the end.

  3. When God was on the side of the Israelites in the Old Testament their victories were much more stunning and impressive. Moses holding his hand high in the air and magically causing the tides of victory to wash his way. Joshua commanding the sun to stand still so they could have more daytime to beat up on their enemies. The walls of Jericho tumbling down at the sound of a few trumpets.

    Maybe today God has switched his strategy from magic to some kind of psychological warfare.

  4. Reuben

    Not a terribly reliable source is God is s/he/it?

  5. Orion77

    At least Hassan Nasrallah had the pathetic honesty after Hezbollah had their “great victory” in 2006 to say, “had I known on July 11 … that the operation [killing & kidnapping Israeli soldiers] would lead to such a war, would I [have done] it? I say no, absolutely not.”

  6. novparl

    Yeh, it’s funny that people rarely suggest that Yahweh/Allah/God doesn’t pick a fave side and let them win non-violently. Perhaps God/the gods are leaving us to our own devices. Which is what we want.

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