Oh the Shame, Oh the Shame

Australia is really starting to look stupid, or more to the point APN are looking like anti ‘free speech’ advocates. Now the Canadians are planning an Atheist Bus Campaign! At this rate Australia will be the only country on the planet without an atheist bus campaign.



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6 responses to “Oh the Shame, Oh the Shame

  1. novparl

    Erm – the Moslaem countries.?(What a killjoy I am.)

    Looks like SAfrica on top at the MCG.

  2. seantheblogonaut

    Novparl, yep killjoy 🙂

  3. Damn, novparl beat me to it. I was going to say “I’m betting you’ll beat Saudi Arabia to the buses”

  4. novparl

    A bloke down in Southampton (Pommieland) refused to drive his bus cuz of this ad. Rod Liddle, a columnist who can’t make up his mind whether he’s an atheist or Church of England, suggests driving it into a pond and then calling it born again…

  5. Jenny

    Hi well amazing that people want to believe there is NO GOD!!!! When that plane landed in the Hudson River last week one of the passengers said EVERYONE around her were praying and many were confessing their sins So how would you lot react in that sort of crisis Go oh great I am going to die no problem there is no God so I am going nowhere so it doesn’t matter. But deep down in our hearts we really do know God exists perhaps we are embarrassed to admit it Its cool not acknowledge God in our lives these days But I know God is real and He will judge those in the end for this He is a LOVING God but He will not be mocked Oh And the devil is real ask a Satanist and so is Heaven and Hell Cant wait for the bitter and angry replies

  6. @ Jenny welcome.
    We don’t ‘want’ to believe there is no god(s) we have just come to the logical conclusion that there is no evidence for any god, gods or the supernatural.

    How would an atheist react? Pretty much what you said, but with one major change, I can’t imagine too many people being quite so casual about it. I have no fear of death, but I don’t want to die yet and wouldn’t like to die in a painful or horrible way.

    Your assertion that

    deep down in our hearts we really do know God exists

    is purely your assertion. What evidence do you have to back that up? I’d be more embarrassed to admit that that I knew god exists.

    It’s not so much that it’s “cool” to “not acknowledge God” it’s more that people are starting to realise that there probably is no god. People are starting to realise that organised religions can be corrupt, are a drain on taxpayers, misogynist, in it to make money, and have power and influence.

    And I’d take a Satanists word that the devil exists, …pluuhheese

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