Atheist Bus Campaign – Italian Style

Now the Italians have got involved in an atheist bus campaign.

For those of you that can read Italian:

For smucks like me that can only read English, here’s googles attempt at translating the above page:

By the way if anyone else thinks APN (the company that runs most outdoor and transit advertising in Australia, which has in the past run religious adverts) are being obstinate in refusing to host atheist adverts here in Australia, please do what I did and leave a little note for them on their web site. Just fill in the contact form with any old details then give them a serve in the comment text box.

The above thoughts and opinions are Oz Atheist’s only are in no way associated with any organisation.



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15 responses to “Atheist Bus Campaign – Italian Style

  1. Novparl

    Yes, it’s curious that in 2009 we’ve still got poor machine translation. In the 2nd sentence “…you do not need” the “ne” of the original has been left out (of it or “of Him”) presumably because it’s not in the same place as in English.

    Surely Google cd do better.

    – Doing anything for San Nin – Chinese New Year? It’s a secular festival, as far as I can see.

  2. How do we know the Bible is truly the Word of God?? There are over 25,000 archeological finds that verify the Bible, there has never been one, I repeat there has never been one archeological find that disproves the Bible!! That is a pretty good track record. Many secularist and other non-believers in the Bible will say that the N.T was not complete until the end of the 2nd, the beginning of the 3rd century A.D. This is another lie that the evolutionist and non believers conjure up to discredit what God has said. The fact is, if you go to the writings of the early church leaders (who wrote from 90 to 127 A.D.) you can from their quotes and their sermons compile the N.T. in its entirety!! So that says the N.T. was complete and was in good circulation before the end of the 1st century. Another indisputable proof t the validity of the Word of God.
    Yet the strongest argument for the authenticity of the Scriptures is the fact of fulfilled prophecy. This is truly the nail in the coffin when it comes to whether or not the Bible is truly the Word of God. Isaiah 46:9-10 says “I am God and there is no other, I am God and there is noone like Me, I declare the end from the beginning.” So God says He declares what is to come, the future. Do we see this in the Bible. Isaiah 45 names King Cyrus by name 200 years before he was even born. The Dead Sea Scrolls prove that Isaiah wrote that before and not after Cyrus came to power. Ezekiel 26 God says that the city of Tyre would never again be rebuilt and the only thing it would be used for is to dry fishing nets, the very purpose it is used today!! Psalm 22 is a Messianic Psalm, it mentions some of the last words Jesus spoke from the cross “My God My God why have Thou forsaken Me?” It says they divide My clothes and cast lots for them, this Psalm says dogs have surrounded Me (speaking of Gentiles), it says they have pierced My hands and My feet. This was written 1100 years before Christ came to this earth. It was written 800 years before crucifixion was even practiced and yet it says they have pierced My hands and My feet. Micah 5:2 says Christ would be born in Bethlehem, Zecheriah 12:10 says they will look on Me whom they have pierced. All written before Christ came into the earth.
    Jesus fulfilled hundreds of prophecies when He lived here on the earth. The mathematical odds for Jesus to fulfill 7, (keep in mind He fulfilled 100’s) would be the same odds as you someone covering the entire earth in 4×4 white tiles. Hiding a gold star under one of them, and you walking up on the very 1st try and finding that gold star. By the way, you are blindfolded!! This would absolutely be impossible, think about the mathematical odds of Jesus fulfilling all the prophecies that He did!! It would be impossible yet with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

  3. Blah blah blah said the fundy. The Bible disproves the Bible. I get all my facts from


  4. Ah, this tard is just spamming the same shit all over (it’s the same as his most recent post on his own blog, and over at Why Don’t You too).

    If the git comes over to me, I’m going to get all Akismet all over his arse.

  5. tl;dr

    Do you always think around and around in circles like this?

  6. “there has never been one, I repeat there has never been one archeological find that disproves the Bible!!”

    I guess if you include all the thing that have not been found, you may be right. For example, noone has ever found any evidence of an entire race of people wandering the desert for 40 years. But don’t let things like that affect your precious little world view.

  7. “Yet the strongest argument for the authenticity of the Scriptures is the fact of fulfilled prophecy.”

    Ahhh – the NT was written after to OT, right? So any idiot could have read the OT and created a story to fir the prophecies. Yes, that would mean your entire book is a fiction, which it is.

  8. argh. same ol same ol. its easy to fulfill prophecies when you are a fictional construct created to fulfill prophecies that were fiction in the first place.

  9. seantheblogonaut

    Chris has posted exactly the same at Vjack’s. I’d classify this as christian spam and delete it.

  10. peejaymc

    Wow, Chris, three places in one day. You are prolific. You are mistaken on one point though. If you take the NT back to the original language and see what the scriptures say about themselves, you’ll find that the bible is NOT the word of God. Jebus is. (I even learned that in church before I left). Look and see what they really say, and then look and see that there is no historical evidence outside the bible to verify it’s authenticity. We have a new candidate for my “Douche of the Day” segment on my blog. Way to go Chris.

  11. Dear Gawd,

    Please protect us from your followers.


    Theoretically Damned and Functionally Unconcerned.

  12. Now Chris has to come up with a spam response to all the people who flay his original spam comment.

  13. arthurvandelay

    Please, please spam my blog Chris, so I can join other evil atheists in laughing at your godbottery. (And then disemvowel your arse.)

  14. novparl

    @ Mr van Daley

    you have an interesting obsession with the male behind.

    Best wishes.

  15. Chris is self-parodying. Hilarious.

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