Atheist Bus Campaign

The UK Atheist Bus Campaign was mentioned on the ABC TV news tonight. The article even discussed how there had been an attempt to have an Atheist Bus Campaign in Australia which had failed. For those like me that missed it, Protium kindly supplied the link so we can all watch it online.

So there I was doing a bit of Internet surfing waiting for Protium to get back to me, then watching the video, when I realised RocKwiz must be on. So went and had a look, they were doing a segment where the contestants had to guess the next line of a song and who sang it. The song was “The Lord’s Prayer” by Sister Janet Mead [I knew the next two lines], the host turned to one of the other contestants and said “how come you didn’t get that?” His reply shrug of shoulders “atheist”. Then at the end of the show, just as the credits finished, they replayed “atheist”. To watch this online go here and watch episode 74.

It’s so heartening to see more and more people publicly admit they are atheists, and probably more importantly that they can say it without fear of religious nutbags crucifying them.



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4 responses to “Atheist Bus Campaign

  1. It’s bloody exciting mate πŸ™‚

  2. We need a show like RocKwiz!! We have some really stupid TV shows here.
    I’m sad that the bus campaign failed in Australia. At least you have RocKwiz!! πŸ™‚

  3. seantheblogonaut

    You know I only found out yestrday that Katherine Hepburn was an out and proud Atheist.

  4. Wolfsbane

    You people are fools ! Every single one of you ! You will all miss the snow in the UK, hell is a pretty hot place. Reason why you are fools: There is but no evidence, other than a dude who makes money from his opinion paid by people who believe in the same opinion, that God does not exist. You may argue, but their is little evidence to support that he does. Whether he does or not, why make a scence about it. Why do you people need to believe that he does’nt. Will it make you feel better when looking at child pornography? Will it make you feel better when stealing or killing?

    You are fools, cause you live like there is no God, but take to chance to find out that there is one, and what then? You’re screwed?

    If you have the balls to attach christian faith, why not attack allah or buddha? You most prob scared after they bomb you! Christians won’t, right?

    Understand, that you attack christians, because you are scared, and putting your faith in mere person, hoping he might know what he is talking about, just as I, might not know what i am talking about. You are weak, and looking for the easy way out.

    I feel sorry for you people. Not willing to have responsibilty for your own lives, and living someone elses. Good for you, I am happy I don’t have sleepless nght about fools.

    Adios me foolish wanderers !

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