I’m sure by now you all know the American government is going to bailout the US car industry?

Well here’s the advert for the bailout. TIC

Bailout Advert

Bailout Advert

click to embiggen – make sure you read the fine print



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2 responses to “Bailout

  1. I heard that the Union workers refused to take a cut in pay and that’s why they weren’t bailed out. Who knows?

    I love my Nissan, Toyota and Ford!! LOL!!

  2. novparl

    Excellent! Where’s it from?

    Jaguar are in dead trouble. Didn’t I read somewhere you (our Scouser host) had one? But I think they have to go down. They just can’t compete with Merc & BMW & Audi.

    Interesting game at the WACA. Nice comeback.

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