writers block


I think I’m suffering from writers block. I’ve got 3 drafts backed up and I keep finding new things to write about, but I struggle to put into words what I want to say. I also seem to be lacking enthusiasm at the moment.

Have any of you other bloggers suffered from writers block and/or lack of enthusiasm? Hints and tips to get over this would be appreciated.



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15 responses to “writers block

  1. Ban yourself from the internet for the day, do something else.

  2. I usually take a break when needed. Breaks help. I saw your Humbug header yesterday and thought about borrowing it but I didn’t. It’s how I feel but I did get some gifts in the mail to my nephews and that helped. I’m only sending a few cards this year. I bought 2 boxes on clearance after X-myth last year and I’m going to have plenty for many years….. 😈
    Good luck finding your inspiration…. 😀
    Sorry I’m not much help 😀

  3. I tried the smiley face icons but twisted and grin didn’t work….
    What did I do wrong?

  4. 😈
    no space after the full stop, fixed for you

  5. @Sean – no internet for the day!! (shakes head in disbelief) 😆

    might try that this weekend, got a few things on anyway

  6. @Tracey, I stole the full Bah Humbug picture from here:

    I printed it out and stuck it on my office door last year 😆

  7. I totally dig it!!
    Thanks for fixing the smiley icons. I’m going to practice, okay?

  8. I think I’ve got it now!

  9. That is when I “pull a fiery” and have an open forum.

  10. I routinely get writer’s block, which is why I post relevant material about every 6 days. I come up with stuff to write, but I’m not able to write it down at the moment and then it’s gone by the I find a keyboard or paper..

  11. @Sisyphus – I’m with you there, I’ve thought about getting a Dictaphone for when I’m in the car or wandering around and suddenly get a good idea.

  12. novparl

    This might possibly get ya going – is Tie me kanga d.s. banned from the airwaves because of the Rolf’s of-its-time reference to “me” abo?

  13. Try this random word generator. Get a list of random words and use them as stimulus for ideas. When you run out of ideas then generate a new list and repeat.


    It works by getting you out of your normal habits that are usually the source of your writers block.

  14. Lisa

    Try praying….lol

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