merry whatever from downunder

Seeing as I’m suffering from writers block (see last post) I thought I’d post another picture.

This is my Christmas Tree, which is hanging upside down from the ceiling. Why? Why not?




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10 responses to “merry whatever from downunder

  1. LOVE IT! Why didn’t I think of doing that?

    Well done!!

  2. I love the upside down tree idea… more room for presents.

  3. no… that’s just not right…

  4. that is so totally AWESOME

  5. love the new header by the way!

  6. novparl

    Neat idea! I just ignore Christmas m’self. Not a card, not a present, not a drink. Well, a few pints of vodka but I drink that most days. Seerusly tho’, Xmas is so boring why bother with it? No-one ever persecutes me for ignoring it.

  7. From the northern hemisphere, the tree looks right.

  8. @novparl, I was going to ignore it as well this year, wasn’t going to bother with a tree or decorations, but my friends wanted me to do my traditional Christmas Champagne and Croissant Breakfast. So not to disappoint them I put up the tree – they are in for a shock when they see it!!

    @(((Billy))) LOL

    PS – if anyone’s in the area on Christmas morning drop in for free champagne and croissants (plain, with ham and cheese, or with strawberry jam; your choice)

  9. novparl

    Champagne & croissants? Who says Ozzies are Philistines!

  10. sillygoat76

    Next year, we’re doing the festivus pole. Must less fuss.

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