no post today, the taxman’s on his way

Not much time to post today, been sorting out all my taxation documentation ready for the accountant to do my tax return.

For a personal insight into my somewhat drab life, this is a list of the music (artist – album) I’ve been listening to today whilst doing boring tax stuff.

  • Ladytron – Velocifero
  • The Cure – 4:13 Dream
  • Serj Tankian – Elect the Dead
  • Augie March – Watch Me Disappear
  • Kraftwerk – Minimum-Maximum (live)
  • Jethro Tull – Live at Montreux
  • Rage Against The Machine – The Battle of Los Angeles

Favourite tunes (artist – song):

  • Ladytron – Ghosts
  • Serj Tankian – Empty Walls
  • Kraftwerk – Autobahn

When trying to think of a pithy title for this post, I was reminded of the old Herman’s Hermits song “No Milk Today“. With the opening lyrics:

No milk today, my love has gone away. The bottle stands forlorn, a symbol of the dawn.

clever, huh?



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7 responses to “no post today, the taxman’s on his way

  1. novparl

    Never ‘eard of Ladytron or the other bloke (sounds Armenian) but bought Autobahn when it came out. Classic.

    Where you around – for the Merseysound?

    Fahren fahren fahren auf der Autobahn…(I speak German fluently but the lyrics don’t seem to say much).

  2. Clever indeed!

    I am not familiar with all of your music favorites. I know and like some of the same ones! Especially The Cure, Jethro Tull and Rage Against the Machine! Those are good ones!!
    I understand about you not wanting to share. I didn’t mean the post to be such a downer. I hope you’ll check out my new one, I’d love to know what you drive, or if you drive!

  3. @novparl
    Ladytron are an electronic pop band formed by two DJs from Liverpool (UK) with singers from Glasgow (Scotland) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

    Serj is the lead singer of System Of A Down (SOAD, an Armenian-American rock-metal band, (so you guessed right) this is his solo project; but very similar to SOAD.

    I was around for the Mersey sound I was actually living in the Mersey area at the time (though I was very young)

    I also bought Autobahn when it first came out, I bought it on cassette tape. Kraftwerk had a large influence on the music industry, major pioneers of electronic music and influenced the early rap scene.

    @Traceytreasure, no sweat, I’m happy to share just not so openly on mine or someone else’s blog. I can do the car thing though.

  4. novparl

    Have read about SoaD on Wikip about 6 months ago. Possibly the worst title for a group. Paranoid & poor English.

    Very interesting that Kraftwerk are touring Oz. Never sure which of the old groups are still going. The fact they’re doing only major cities suggests they charge top $.

    Rolf Harris still going in Pomland!

  5. Yeah I was thinking of seeing Kraftwerk, but at $125/ticket I’m not so sure.

    Rolf will never die, long live the Rolf.

  6. novparl

    Cripes! £55! About the same as top Pom venues, really.

    Rolf’ll never die? They thought that about Rod Hull & Emu.

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