Michael Shermer on Triple J

For those that missed listening to Zan Rowe and Dr Karl talk to Michael Shermer yesterday, the podcast is now available here (drkarl_20080821.mp3 19.4MB MP3). Michael discusses his skepticism, his thoughts on atheism, and answers questions from listeners.

I liked his joke:

What do you get when you cross a Jehovah’s Witness with an atheist?

Someone who knocks on your door for no reason at all.


Michael Shermer appears at the Power House in Sydney tonight at the Big Science Night.



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3 responses to “Michael Shermer on Triple J

  1. AV

    That’s one for the download list!

  2. I went to his talk at UWA the other night on Why Darwin Matters. He’s a good speaker, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Q&A after. One guy challenged Shermer to explain the origin of life and when he briefly explained several current competing theories the guy just said “none of those are even close to convincing”. Shermer’s response: “Well if you don’t think any of these theories hold water then you do some research and run some some experiments and you figure it out.”


    Perfectly sums up the creationist mindset though – We don’t have to do the science, we already know the answer.

  3. Stay tuned for the update – I went to see Shermer last night (Fri 22) at a science week show. Will do a post later today or tomorrow.

    Sammy, an excellent comeback, ouch indeed.

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