Carnival of the Godless # 98

This weeks Carnival of the Godless #98 is on at letters from a broad. This friendly American ex-Mormon atheist mom living in France Switzerland has, as she says, “a fantastic assortment of god-free thought for you …”, and does she ever. C L has split her numerous submissions into five main categories:

  • Science
  • Kids
  • Politics
  • Philosophy
  • Community and Strategy

As yet I haven’t had the chance to read the many submissions, a task for the next few days. But Ari’s God the Ultimate Abortionist caught my eye and is an excellent short but succinct study of the perverse (as Monty Python would say) “every sperm is sacred” mentality.

I’m sure there are many other excellent submissions and I look forward to reading as many as I can, I hope you do as well. For regular contributors, or others who may never have done so, the Carnival is an excellent way to showcase one of the blogs you have recently written.

So get writing folks the next one, # 99, is right here in two weeks time (31st August). No particular theme, the more the merrier, but there maybe bonus points for anyone who manages to discuss hypocrisy in their submission (an easy task I should think).

Send your submissions to COTG, as soon as you want, bc_80_30_submit

This link is also in my sidebar.

As an added bit of fun, the submission that I think (purely my subjective opinion) is the most thought provoking will be awarded the coveted The Thinker Award.


The submission that I think is thought provoking and gives me a bit of a laugh will be awarded the following glorious The (Shaun the sheep) Thinker Award.


What are you waiting for, get those keys tapping now.

As a side note, some dipstick minister wants to censor the Internet in Australia. Sean has been furiously blogging about Internet porn and censorship and the No Clean Feed site has got some tips on how to take action, as follows.

  • Write to Senator Conroy
  • Write to your local member
  • Call Conroy
  • Contact your ISP
  • Sign a petition
  • Join/Donate to EFA
  • Link to their page

Well I now have a link in my sidebar to the NoCleanFeed site, and have signed the online petition. I have drafted a letter to the minister, a copy of which will also go to my local MP. If you want our Internet to stay free please help, and at least take one of the actions.


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  1. Ok, I sent in a submission. I hope I did it right. 🙂

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