Scoutle – more blogging goodness

Another tool for attracting bloggers to your site.

I heard about Scoutle at vjacks’s Atheist Revolution blog, he seems to think this might be the next big thing. Social networking without any of the hard work. However until wordpress let you stick scripts into the sidebar widgets there are going to be some of us missing out.

As you can see below I can’t even get it to work when embedded in a post. It definitely won’t work in the sidebar on my wordpress hosted blog. Any ideas anyone?

If anyone is interested in joining Scoutle it’s quite simple and once you’re logged in you can join a few groups/networks. I suggest joining the Networks/Common Interest/Religion & Spirituality/Atheists first as this is where, hopefully, we will all end up.

One of the problems I see with these sort of sites is the numerous different but similar groups/networks that one can join. This can lead to not getting everyone of the same interest into the one group. Hopefully the above network will become the common, and only, one for atheists.

I have also found some of the navigation a bit lacking, and some of the connection/network functions aren’t exactly intuitive.

Scoutle are promising a new version, Scoutle 2, in September.

It will be so much better, more beautiful and there are a lot of new services in it as well!

Lets hope  it will work on wordpress hosted blogs.

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6 responses to “Scoutle – more blogging goodness

  1. What’s the problem with WordPress? I just signed up with Scoutle, chose the “Other” format for my Scout, copied the script, created a text widget in my blog, pasted in the script, and voila! See here for the result. I’ve already connected with a couple of fellow secular geeks….

  2. Lexcen

    Seems buggy to me. I can’t get to other blogs when I click on the link. Somehow I managed to get to your blog.

  3. By the way, I recommend that you junk the Snap Preview stuff. I tried it once, and got numerous complaints from people who were distracted by the non-stop sequence of AJAX popups as they tried to navigate my site. If Snap was smart enough to build in a little hysteresis, the idea might work; as it stands, though, it’s just annoying.

  4. Thanks for the link. That is too bad that it isn’t working correctly on your blog. I know I’ve seen it on other WordPress blogs, but maybe where they are hosted makes a difference.

  5. Geoff the problem I have with wordpress is I’m using their free hosting, hence the in my URL. The free wordpress hosting doesn’t allow any scripts or flash or java embedding. They say it is to maintain security.

    re – Snap preview, I used to have it on, then switched it off, then back on again, I have now switched it back off. You are right it can get very annoying, especially if you have lots of links on a page.

    PS, Geoff I’ve added your site to my RSS feed

  6. Well…

    The new version of Scoutle is online and hosted blogs are supported!

    Just wanted to let you know.

    Kind regards,

    Godfried (Scoutle)

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