Some videos

Being a bit lazy, but the links have some interesting videos to watch:

Friendly Atheist asks “who’s in the wrong?”

MGK has the Paris Hilton video (no not “that” one!) in which she acquits herself very well. Having a swipe at McCain using her in an anti Obama advert.

Sean has a clip of “The Genius of Charles Darwin“, hopefully this 3 part show will air on our ABC in the near future. Pharyngula seems to have the whole first episode (48 mins – 112Mb) on his site.

The Frame Problem posted this a while back, for those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s quite funny. Reminds me of the Chasers open mike stunts.

We have a voice has four videos from old British comedies taking the piss out of religion, again, these were posted a while back.

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