A debilitating disease caused by adhering to beliefs in the unbelievable. Theonoma is a new word created by revere at Effect Measure, used to describe situations when 

… small pains in the body politic like this are emblematic of a deeper cancer within.

Some good comments on the post, including a few discussing the etymology of the word, but I quite liked Blaidd Drwg’s comment:

… some of the symptoms of malignant theonoma:
1) It acts on the brain, reducing any capacity for rational thought
2) It secretes toxins which demand that the theonoma be stimulated at least weekly. This stimulation is generally in the form of close association with others who are likewise affected, and produces endorphins which leave the sufferer with a state of euphoria.
3) Severe cases lead to an overwhelming desire to infect as many people as possible, to increase the periodic stimulation and resulting endorphin release.

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  1. half rabbit

    That was a great comment…… going the read the rest now. Thanks for the link

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