Carnival of the Godless #96

The latest Carnival of the Godless is on over at Sean the Blogonaut’s. I have had a read of his top 5 and particularly liked Jeffrey Stingerstein’s Morality Is Not Objective. So What? and PhillyChief’s Zarathustra Test. If you haven’t already, why not head on over to Sean’s blog and check out some of the many other submissions.

This post is not my return to blogging, I’m not ready just yet, but keep those comments coming on my old posts. I’ll try very hard to answers everyone’s questions when I return, which is likely to be soon.

I also need to let everyone know that I am due to hold the 99th Carnival of the Godless on Sunday 31 August. So I intend to be back with a vengeance at least two weeks before hand. Stay tuned for more.



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